Welcome to My Menagerie

Dog lovers, cat hoarders, bird feeders, snake keepers and friends of all furries, listen up. We have a fish. One lousy, tiny fish. And I resent it.

Introducing Julie Hunt

Who/what lives in your house? Me, my husband Chadwick, my daughters Morgan (5) and Mallorie (2.5) and son Spencer (9 weeks). Our family is rounded out by our yellow lab Darwin and our grey tabby with extra toes, Cleo.

The Future is Now

Nine years ago, Mia Paulus was a hardworking accountant with a revolutionary idea that she couldn’t get out of her mind. “I started on my own back in 2006,” explains Paulus. “I had this business idea back then. I invested thousands of dollars in some software, but it just didn’t do what I wanted it to do. People weren’t ready…

September 2015 Artist’s Palette

I grew up in Santa Barbara, California, playing in the sand and surf of the Pacific Ocean, but what brought me to Idaho and the Boise area is that my husband is from Idaho. After 21 years in the Air Force, being stationed in Northern California, Alaska and South Dakota, we chose Idaho as our place to semi-retire. We lived…

Idaho Humane Society: Making a Difference

As the Treasure Valley hums through summer enjoying all the incredible events and limitless outdoor activities the area has to offer, the Idaho Humane Society is also running on all engines with the influx of homeless pets that summer brings to the shelter.

Mobile Pet Medical Care

“We give personal, focused care at a reasonable price through our wellness member plans," explains Robert Ormond, D.V.M. "For just $25 a month you can have exams, vaccines, a dental cleaning and other services or prescriptions at an up to 50 percent discount. All of this serviced through our mobile clinic. For $20 per month it can be serviced through…

Animal Magnetism

“With a name like mine I'm practically obligated to have pets,” says Doug Petcash, co-anchor of Today’s Morning News on KTVB. Petcash has three cats: Lily, Daizy (litter mates, domestic short-hair) and Thistle (domestic long-hair).

Quality Water For A Better Life

How can improving water usage quality make a difference in life? From washing and cleaning, to cooking and bathing, folks use water every day. Imagine having softer skin, fluffier laundry, better tasting water for cooking and drinking and no hard water residue or build-up which cuts down on cleaning time. A high quality water softener may be just the ticket.

You Can Come Home Again

When Kirstin West’s husband, Jeff, told her they were leaving Boise so he could attend law school at the University of Idaho, she told him, “We have got to come back here.”

September 2015 Around Town

The Stagecoach Inn recently reopened in Garden City. A nice facelift still keeps the retro feel of the original Stagecoach Inn, while offering diners a clean dining room and lounge. The menu includes the old-time favorites that have been offered since the 1950s. Even some of the former waitresses have returned.

Clean Critters

The Broadway Veterinary Hospital recently hosted a Dog Wash Fundraiser. The furry critters were soaped and scrubbed until they shined. Proceeds from the event were donated to Fuzzy Pawz Rescue and the Idaho Food Bank.

Animal Lovers Unite

We sent out the call to our Facebook friends to send us their best pictures of having fun with their favorite animals, and our fans delivered. So many wonderful photos were submitted. We wish we had room for them all.

Life with my dogs.

My mother likes to tell the story of my first experience with a dog. My brother brought home a stray, which the family named Rastus. I was just a toddler and Rastus tried to lick my face. This upset me. My mother told me that Rastus was being friendly and "just giving me kisses." According to my mom, my demeanor…