Making A Difference

Rob Sower is dedicated to making a difference. Whether it’s for his real estate clients, or the youth group that he and his wife work with, he’s all in!

Quality Water For A Better Life

How can improving water usage quality make a difference in life? From washing and cleaning, to cooking and bathing, folks use water every day. Imagine having softer skin, fluffier laundry, better tasting water for cooking and drinking and no hard water residue or build-up which cuts down on cleaning time. A high quality water softener may be just the ticket.

Crucial Considerations for Bathroom Remodeling Design

They say the key to any successful project starts with the prep work, and the same is true with a bathroom remodel project. A bathroom remodel is no place for improvisation, which typically leads to costly overruns and poor choices you may later regret. Before ripping out the first tile, think hard about how you will use the space, what…

Entertaining in the Great Outdoors

Summer— a time for playing baseball in the back yard, enjoying long summer evenings and inviting family and friends to a backyard cookout. Guests relax as they wait for their meal. Mouths water as tantalizing scents waft from the grill. Meanwhile the harried host runs in and out of the house grabbing hamburger fixings, utensils and other odds and ends while…

All About Flooring

Casey Dillabaugh, owner of Dillabaugh Flooring America and Design, began an informal apprenticeship to learn the flooring business at the age of 13.