Captured by Color

As a former makeup artist for 30 years, I simply adore color. Years before obtaining real training, in my eager-to-look-grown-up-in-high-school years, I used practically every shade on my face—at one time. Clowns came to me for tips.

Performing Arts in Boise

Though Boise is tucked into the mountains and may be most known for fly-fishing, trail hiking or amazing ski slopes just a short drive away, the secret is quickly coming out that it is also a well-curated cultural hub. People of a community are brought together by the arts, and it offers one of the biggest reasons why people don’t…

Camp Hodia

Children and teens throughout the country are familiar with the traditions of summer camp. For some kids, cabins and counselors are just a part of a routine summer vacation. But what if you were diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes as a young child and have never had the opportunity to spend time away from your parents?

A Local European Getaway

Thirty years ago Susan Camille—now Susan Roghani—the founder of Idaho’s premier, award-winning beauty and wellness company Camille Beckman promised to build her loyal gift shop customers a small tea room where people could come and discuss various topics. “My husband and I always wanted a community gathering place where people could come and talk about things like politics, religion and…

Gems in the Gem State

Some people have natural talent in most everything they touch. Others may need to cultivate and develop it, and still there are those who have raw talent but have no idea they do. Sisters Dee Dee Emery and Holly Curry claim they were never crafty types, even though Curry to date has been knitting for over 30 years now. In…

Clean & Easy Cooking

With the new year here, a popular resolution for many of us tends to be eating healthier. Though this may mean different things to different people, a majority of us want to eat foods with higher nutritional content, without being processed, artificial or fake. If you're not growing your food already, then to the grocery store it is, where more…

Unique Valentine’s Day Gifts for Him and Her

Parabo Press: Inspired by small-batch print processes, Parabo Press is the perfect gift for the photo-taking woman in your life. Offering products from square prints, both black and white and color engineer prints, 14-month photo calendars, glass prints and hardcover photo books, there’s truly something for everyone. Parabo.Press

Getting Healthy

My sole purpose for the last 18 years has been to help people lead a healthier life and my daily endeavors contribute towards this mission. How you achieve healthy living is down to your preferences and goals. All I can do is deliver the information you need to help you choose your own direction. How do I define healthy living?

True Veggie Tales

You might have grown up hearing "Eat your broccoli! I see where you hid those peas! Finish those peaches!" Sound familiar? For many, it felt like our mothers might be punishing us at dinner, with a heaping spoonful of stinky brussel sprouts or some other potentially creamed, unrecognizable vegetable. Perhaps you thought fruit only came inside a green Jell-o mold.…

Over the Hill…In Style.

At the printing of this article, our Boise writer L. M. Florenzen actually made it through her 2nd Spartan Sprint this time in the Top 10 for her age group. If you know anything about fitness, you’ve probably done some cross training. This is synonymous with Reebok. If you have heard of Reebok, then you know they sponsor the annual…

Idaho Sheep on the Move

The streets were quiet and coming slowly alive in the early morning hours in Ketchum, Idaho, as you could see shop owners sweeping in front of their businesses and city custodians taping off orange cones on the main street. Everything was getting ready for what would be a bustle of activity on this final day of the Trailing of the…

Prestige Diamonds and Jewelry

After being involved in the jewelry business on a smaller scale for many years, Jeff and Stacy Beem embarked on a new adventure. The pair knew it was the right time to build the jewelry store of their dreams: Prestige Diamonds and Jewelry, located in Meridian.

North End Modern Update

Before Mark Clark and his building team began working on this Boise North End home, it had a small kitchen, a dilapidated garage and traditional styling that paid heed to early 1900s architecture but didn’t fit the style and needs of the homeowner. Though much of the original home was preserved, this home has been artistically updated to function for…

Ride On!

The City of Trees, known as Boise, is a bike-friendly environment with access to the Boise Green Belt that intertwines near the river, colleges and parks. Out of such an environment has arisen the Boise Bicycle Project. This organization is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) community cooperative group that works to make sure everyone has access to a bike, regardless of income…

A Slice of Hospitality

Jim Temple is a retired World War II Navy veteran who just celebrated his 90th birthday at Overland Court Senior Living and Memory Care in Boise.

Trailhead Offers New Hub for Boise Entrepreneurs

A group of entrepreneurs—Jason Crawforth, Karen Meyer, Faisal Shah and John Hale—had all started businesses in Boise or been involved with them in some way. But they soon realized there wasn't a local resource that focused on helping people start and scale businesses.

Local Beer Lovers at Home at PreFunk

PreFunk Beer Bar in Boise started in 2013 with 10 bar stools and 20 tap handles. Owner and founder Justin Flynn said his original aim was to provide a space for residents to fill up growlers of local and regional craft beer to enjoy at home. In fact, Justin says the bar was the first growler fill station in all…

YMCA’s Master Track Program

Writer and activist Betty Friedan once said, “Aging is not lost youth, but a new stage of opportunity and strength.” Those of us who have sauntered, crashed or headed clawing and screaming into middle age have come to realize new adventures and transformations await us so we had better get busy living.

Cinder Winery

Though it may seem like breweries are popping up almost every other week along Chinden, wineries are quietly taking center stage as visitors discover that Walla Walla and the Willamette Valley might have some competition. Cinder Winery is tucked neatly into, what some might call the “wine and beer district” of Garden City, just a stone’s throw from the Split…

Catch the Spirit of Ste. Chapelle

Looking for a getaway, or perhaps planning a wedding? Look no further than enriching you and friends with a visit to Ste. Chapelle. You will find this enchanting Idaho getaway tucked away in one of Idaho’s beautiful wine growing regions: the Snake River Basin area.

Cornerstone Design

Tell us a little bit about Cornerstone Design—how did it begin, and how has it grown from what it was it was at its inception to what it is now? Cornerstone Design is a boutique, interior design firm specializing in high-end residential, commercial and hospitality projects. I started the business out of my home in 1992, with little more than…


In 2006, Elon Musk published a blog post outlining his long-term vision for Tesla. At the time, Tesla was still two years away from delivering the first Roadster, the company’s first product.

Schnitzel Garten: Valley’s only authentic German restaurant

You won’t find many German restaurants in Idaho with a Google search. But at the top of the list, you’ll find Eagle’s Schnitzel Garten, which serves up authentic—and memorable—German recipes. It’s the first and only authentic German restaurant in the Treasure Valley. Partners Courtland Hugues and Elena Filenova—and half of their staff—are native Germans who offer the best of their…

The Backcountry Bar

Karie Boesiger and her mother-in-law Kris have a lifelong education in baking – starting with chocolate chip cookies and ending up entrepreneurs and business partners creating over 6,000 healthier alternatives packed with oats and nuts called The Backcountry Bar.

Beach Bag Essentials

Whether you are going to the beach or hitting the cabana at the club, make sure your beach bag is on-point and packed with all the essentials. We rounded up some of our favorite beach bag requisites and it all starts with the amazing African Rays tote from PilyQ.

Summertime Smokin’ Tips

If the surge in barbecue and smoking competitions across the country is any indication, grilling has become an art form. This summer, gather around the grill to try a technique that’s rising in popularity – smoking – to create a masterpiece meal.

Schlekeway bullish on Boise’s real estate outlook

Tremendous growth in the Boise area is putting positive pressure on the real estate market here, and Nick Schlekeway, partner in Amherst Madison Legacy Real Estate, sees the trend continuing for some time to come.

The Power of Walking One Million Steps

Before taking one million steps on the historic El Camino de Santiago in Spain, I didn’t give much time or thought to walking. I drove to and from work and the gym. For business trips and vacations, I flew. After retiring early, I pursued adventure travel, often on a bicycle.

Sheepdogs and Whisky

I’ve long wished to visit Scotland, to experience the culture and to see up close the ruggedly beautiful countryside and volcanic mountains such as Ben Nevis and Glen Coe. Oh yes, and to sample the whisky. Last fall my wife and I took a weeklong group tour of Scotland, and it was a low-stress, easy way to get acquainted with…

Tree City Advisors

Your experience with investing is simple; everyone makes money on your money except you. And you are convinced this is the way it has to be. Wall Street has its hands in everything; your savings, your investments, your financial security, and your goals. But everyone tells you that you must invest the way you do and hope the result will…

Style, Function and Form

There is no project too small for Boise’s Ethan Allen Design Center, whether a client is looking to create a whole new look for their home or simply needs a new sofa. “We have clients who come in and are looking for something very specific, like new upholstery” says President Jane Cliff. “Other clients come in and know that they…

Sun Valley

Although Sun Valley is best known as the first, and still one of the greatest winter destination resort areas in the US, the summer months provide just as much, if not more, activities for sports enthusiasts and lovers of the great outdoors. A summer getaway to Sun Valley provides opportunities for golf, road and mountain biking, hiking, running, as well…

The Smile

As a full service dentist, focusing on cos-
metics, I often find myself caring more about my patient's teeth and oral health than they do. I have found there are many reasons people may not value their oral health. A few common reasons are; fixing dental problems can be expensive and insurance often falls short, treatments can be uncomfortable, and people…

When Quality and Originality Matter

You want your new home to be built with premium quality construction by first-rate contractors who get it right the first time. And that’s the core ethic behind Flaherty Custom Homes in Eagle. Owner and President John Flaherty says the key to his company’s success is having a solid team of first-rate, experienced professional subcontractors “you’ve worked with over and…


Have you ever been to The Village at Meridian and wondered who or what was responsible for the beautiful landscaping? Or how about The Terraces in East Boise? To answer your question, look no further than Franz Witte, a landscape contracting and nursery company that has served the Treasure Valley and beyond since 1971.

The Thermal Solar Difference

The first thing Carl Simpson, owner of Renewable Energy Northwest, said when we sat down to discuss his business? "It can be complicated to explain solar thermal." After discussing his business and comprehending the very basics of how it works, one would agree that understanding thermal solar energy and HVAC systems can be a bit intimidating.

on a Cure

In 2010 a little boy named Bodhi Gavin Moore, from Emmett, Idaho, lost his five year battle with childhood leukemia. He was six years old and loved Star Wars, the Boise State University Broncos, his fort, and teasing his cat. His parents, Cahn and Meleah Moore, along with other family and friends in the Treasure Valley and with employees of…

New location for a local landmark

Locals and visitors alike have been shopping at the Boise Co-op since 1973, and they can now enjoy a new Co-op location in the Village at Meridian. “As the Treasure Valley grows, we see more and more of a need for natural and organic food,” says Marketing Director Mo Valko. “The demand for these products is increasing over time, so…

Sit Means Sit

Sit Means Sit Boise is not your average dog training company. Not only has it been the number one franchise in North America for the past three years, but it has also developed specialized systems that are specific to each individual dog and owner. Owner Jim Closson, who has been in business for 27 years, says the Sit Means Sit…

Our Photographers

Photography is art. It’s as simple as that. Each of these three top-notch photographers brings their own unique artistic expertise to the page, whether capturing people, landscapes, objects, or something else entirely. Here, Russ de Ment, Lynn Gormley, and Don Johnson tell you in their own words about their experience with the medium.

Color, Fabric & Form

I inherited Ethan Allen furniture--a plaid couch, roll top desk, dining room table, and chairs--from my mother-in-law. The furniture is high quality and built to last. An American company, Ethan Allen has been around for 80 years. More than 70 percent of Ethan Allen product is made in North America. Boise is home to an independent and locally owned Ethan…

Corporate Mentality Brings Success to a Small Business

Monday through Friday 8-5pm, 
Saturday by Appointment. The mark of any good business is how it treats its customers. By the same token, if you’re being well taken care of as a customer, it usually means that the employees at the business you’re dealing with are, too. When Connell Lloyd bought Wood Windows, Inc. from its original owner four years…

Ring the Alarm

Doug Amos has had a varied career: cryptographic repairman in the Army, Large Vehicle Environmental Test Technician for Lockheed Martin, Program Manager at the Department of Energy, and he also holds degrees in accounting and finance. Today, he’s the owner of 4Alarm Restoration and Cleaning LLC. “We perform emergency flood, fire, mold and bio remediation, and we’re also a full…

Boise’s Hot Spot

Open 7 days a week serving food and drinks, The Modern does not serve anyone under 21 inside. Underaged people are only allowed in the courtyard. They do not take reservations except for New Year’s Eve Dinner and Valentine’s Dinner, serving a pre-fixe menu with two seatings on those evenings. The Modern does not accommodate parties larger than 12 people…

Fussy Hussy – A Fusion Boutique

Wander through Fussy Hussy and chances are you'll find something charming and unique: high quality merchandise in innovative displays at moderate prices. The stores' owner, Paula, combined her vast experience in retail and fashion, with her long time association with designers in the US and abroad, to create a very unique experience in Boise. "Shoppers will discover funky, fun fashions…

Create Common Good

When someone who is struggling finds a place of stability, an entire community can benefit. Local non-profit Create Common Good does exactly what its name suggests—help communities improve. “Our main mission is to help people with barriers to employment by providing food service job training and placement,” says Kelly Parker, Director of Community Engagement. “As long as someone is willing…


When Joey Hayden Mazarelli decided to remodel the kitchen in his modest, 1950s brick home on the bluff overlooking Protest Avenue in Boise, just off Federal Way, he first consulted one of the big design houses in town. They told him he would have to triple his $30,000 budget to do what he wanted, so he started looking for other…

A Family Affair

Family ties can be powerful things. Witness Casey Dillabaugh. After spending every summer since he was 12 years old scraping floors at job sites and working in his father’s warehouse at Dillabaugh’s Floor Covering and Design in Nampa, he left for college in San Diego saying he was never coming back, the flooring business was not for him.

Trends in Fitness

The New Year has traditionally become a time to reevaluate our health and fitness goals. This year, you'll find yourself having more choices overall with the new trend of boutique style fitness studios. These days, across the country, it seems not everyone is headed to the large health club, but more and more fitness enthusiasts are headed to their local…


It’s 5:30 in the morning, but Rex Chandler is already up and waiting in line at Honolulu’s public fish market, and he’s as excited as a kid about to be admitted to Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory. The sounds and smells of the open sea and fishing boats unloading their catch assault his senses, bringing back memories of his 20-plus year…