Knowles Gallery

A popular recreations spot in the Sawtooth Mountains of Idaho is Stanley Lake. The predominant feature is McGown Peak that towers above the lake. One of my personal favorite places is this little marsh that is just west of the lake. However, if you are there in June when this image was created you better bring some bug repellent!

It’s All About Shapes, Forms and Colors

I wouldn’t say that there was a singular moment when I suddenly realized that I was an artist. I’ve had a few moments where I noticed my perspective changed dramatically because of art.

Confessions of an Art Addict

I admit it. I have an addiction. I'm addicted to great art in all genres and from all cultures.

Gathering: An Easter Egg

Getting local artist Filip Vogelpohl to talk about himself is not easy. Genuine and friendly, but reluctant to speak about his successes as an artist and a businessman, his soft-spoken humility only adds to his charm. Fortunately, with some coaxing, he told Boise Lifestyle about himself and his art, and we discovered a treasure in his love for the community.

September 2015 Artist’s Palette

I grew up in Santa Barbara, California, playing in the sand and surf of the Pacific Ocean, but what brought me to Idaho and the Boise area is that my husband is from Idaho. After 21 years in the Air Force, being stationed in Northern California, Alaska and South Dakota, we chose Idaho as our place to semi-retire. We lived…