February 2020 Around Town

Larry H. Miller Dealerships Celebrates a Decade of “Driving for Coats” Campaign Larry H. Miller Dealerships hosted its tenth annual “Driving for Coats” community coat, sock, and underwear drive to benefit the homeless community served by the Boise Rescue Mission Ministries (BRMM). New and gently used coats of all sizes were collected during the month of … Continued

Local’s Choice

We are pleased to present our special “Local’s Choice” issue featuring some of the Treasure Valleys largest “Influencers” who we asked to present to your, some of their favorite local businesses.  We will introduce these influencers to you and share how they help to promote our local community.  Then, each influencer will share some of … Continued

Inspired By Success

 What started you on your career path?  I’ve spent 50 years studying, practicing, and teaching the martial arts, a career first inspired in 1966 when I saw Bruce Lee on TV in The Green Hornet. As I immersed myself in the practice, I came to understand that, like most factors that make up a life worth living, the real work…

Local Favorites

 Tracy Wilde @tracywilde  I’m a newlywed! My husband, Garrison, and I were married on New Year’s Eve! I’m a pastor, author, and speaker. I’m the College and Young Adult pastor at Capital Church. We have the coolest young adult community that meets every Sunday night in the heart on downtown Boise at the Linen Building. My second book releases this year…

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Voicebox Karaoke Grand Opening

The grand opening and ribbon cutting for Voicebox Karaoke, located at 781 W. Front St., Boise, was held on December 13, 2019. The event featured refreshments, hosted bar, and demonstrations of karaoke suites. To request a reservation for your next event visit  VoiceboxKaraoke.com/locations/Boise/or call the guest services team at (208) 906-0315. Photography by Lizzy Grubbs

Boise Idanha Hotel

One of the architectural icons of Boise is the Famous Idanha Hotel. Beautiful architecture that is unlike any other buildings in Boise. I enjoy seeing some of those old pictures of Boise with the streets filled with Model A’s and in Black and White and there is the Idanha Hotel standing there is its all of its glory.

Take These Classic Idaho Outings in 2020

As an avid outdoorsman and a world-class procrastinator, I’ve learned that “one of these days” never seems to show up on the calendar. But if I plan trips in advance, they tend to become iron-clad dates that everything else has to revolve around, and I get to look back at the end of the year with warm, fuzzy memories about…


 /ˈlōk(ə)l/  adjective  1.     belonging or relating to a particular area or neighborhood  Juniper, located at 211 N. 8th Street, downtown Boise, exemplifies local belonging.

January 2020 Around Town

Farmer’s Market Announces New Manager The Board of Directors is pleased to announce that Tamara Cameron has accepted the position of permanent Market Manager for the Boise Farmers Market. Tamara has done an outstanding job serving as the Interim Market Manager this year. She has worked for the Boise Farmers Market since 2016, first as … Continued

Cheers to the New Year!

As we begin 2020, a new decade, we set goals for what we want our future selves to be like and look like. We take a glance back at where we have been and what we have done, and we try to remember to extend ourselves grace. January is a time to cleanse, to start … Continued

Knowles Gallery

A popular recreations spot in the Sawtooth Mountains of Idaho is Stanley Lake. The predominant feature is McGown Peak that towers above the lake. One of my personal favorite places is this little marsh that is just west of the lake. However, if you are there in June when this image was created you better bring some bug repellent!  KnowlesGallery.com

Vital Score Foundation Celebrates With a Rooftop Launch Party

October 4, 2019, was an evening of food, friends and music at Zee's Rooftop.  Founder Bispas Ruda shared his story of surviving 12 years in a refuge camp in Uganda and overcoming extreme challenges.  Vital Score provides solutions to support struggling young adults through mentorship, suicide prevention, overcoming educational barriers and change. Find out how you … Continued

Cirque du Soleil Returns to Boise

Coming to Boise in February 2020 with the show OVO, after having toured in arenas all over North America, Europe and South America since April 2016. The production will be presented at ExtraMile Arena from February 27 to March 1, 2020 for six performances only. Get tickets at CirqueDuSoleil.com/ovo

TREK Farley 9.6 Fat Bike

Looking to set some new year’s fitness goals for 2020?  Most new year’s goals last about 2-5 weeks before they start falling apart.  All it takes is a glance outside into the 39-degree weather and getting fit doesn’t seem so important.

Brett Denton

 What is your definition of success?  My definition of success means being the kind of person who impacts the world such that my children are, and their progeny will be, proud of who I am for them and what I've created in honor of them.  What is something you are proud of?

A Healthy Glow

Exfoliate, exfoliate and exfoliate! Twice a week to clear out any dead skin cells. I recommend the Aveda Radiant Skin Refiner. It has pink tourmaline stone that exfoliates and brightens skin.

Inspired by Success

 What is your definition of success?  The ability to create positive change in the community and working to leave my corner of the world better than when I came into it.  What is something you are passionate about?

A Very Boise Holiday

Boise has many dazzling and magical activities for the entire family to enjoy in our community during the holiday season. With so many holiday-related events, festivals, bazaars and displays to experience, it can be hard to find the balance between celebrating and feeling overwhelmed. It takes some planning and prioritizing, but making time for family, friends and cherished traditions is what makes…

December 2019 Around Town

Chief Bones Retires from Boise Police Department Boise Chief of Police William Bones wrapped up 27 years with the Boise Police Department Oct. 24. “I’m deeply honored to have been allowed to serve as part of BPD,” Bones said in a statement. “I am able to retire knowing (BPD) members are poised to not just … Continued

For Auld Lang Syne

As the saying goes, time flies when you’re having fun. And time sure has flown by this year. It seems like just yesterday we were talking about resolutions and renewal—and yet, here we are, almost time to do it again. There’s a unique perspective that working in publishing brings. While we certainly don’t want to wish our lives away, … Continued

Boise Comic Arts Festival

Comic lovers united at August's Boise Public Library's Boise Comic Arts Festival. The event featured cosplay contests (both for humans and for dogs), performances from Boise State University’s Jedi Academy, virtual reality games and panels by comic artists and writers. Keep your eye on BoisePublicLibrary.org for information on next year's festival. Photography by Jordan Gray

Holiday Wreaths 101

There is nothing more welcoming than a beautiful seasonal wreath. Wreaths have been used as a decorative sign of the season for hundreds of years and can adorn any part of your home. In many homes, this symbol of growth and everlasting life can be found both inside and out.

Five Reasons to Get Excited About Winter

I understand winter can be a trying time for some folks in the Treasure Valley. Sometimes it seems like we get the bad aspects (icy roads, inversions and cold temperatures) without many of the recreation opportunities that our friends in the mountains enjoy.

FitOne Brings Thousands Out for Fun and Fitness

St. Luke's FitOne encouraged thousands to walk, stroll or run in either a 5K, 10K or half-marathon across Boise. The yearly event encourages healthy living and helps fund St. Luke's Children's Hospital projects (like the Idaho Elks Children's Pavilion) and regional initiatives (like the construction of running and walking tracks at elementary schools). Photography courtesy St. Luke's FitOne

Just Serve

JustServe.org has a chance at happiness for everyone. According to an article from Time.com, the secret to happiness is helping people. But according to an article from the Stanford Center for Longevity, although more than 90% of people want to volunteer, only about 1 out of 4 Americans do. Stanford's researchers found three common barriers to volunteering. The first is the…

Inspired By

 What is your definition of success?  For me, success is when the people who know me know that I care about them and want the best for them.  What is something you are passionate about?

Chains of Inspiration

 Boise residents are an inspirational bunch.  Their actions regularly kindle other’s desires to try out a new hobby, volunteer, take up a cause or even set out on a career path.  On the surface, it may be hard to see the connection between a master electrician, an educator, a renowned conductor and a pastor. But inspiration links each of these…

Give Your Kids a Taste of Culture

Teaching kids about different cultures is a great way to defeat stereotypes, break down barriers, and help kids value and respect people who are different from them. So why not give your kids the opportunity to experience the many cultures that make up our diverse planet and country? A fun way to explore our diversity is by trying out foods and mealtime customs of other nationalities and unique…

So Grateful

As November begins, we’re eagerly awaiting the approach of Thanksgiving, the holiday season and time spent with our loved ones. The winding down of the year always brings about a time of reflection as the winter chill sets in and we retreat to the warmth of our homes. We hope you enjoy this “Thankful” issue, remembering … Continued

November 2019 Around Town

Shore Lodge Gets New Leadership In September, Tom E. Garcia took the position as the president and general manager of McCall’s Shore Lodge resort and Whitetail Club. He most recently served as the vice president and general manager at High Hampton in North Carolina, with Benchmark Hospitality International. Tom brings his extensive golf club, resort … Continued

STEM Day Offers Science-Themed Fun at Western Idaho Fair

The Western Idaho Fair opened with free admission from CBS2 and plenty of STEM activities from the Idaho STEM Action Center. Kids got the chance to operate robots, check out virtual reality, run experiments, try coding and more. The center aims to help implement STEM programs, align education and workforce needs and increase Idaho's STEM … Continued

Great Grandma Alta Nova’s Chess Pie

My Grandma Alta Neal was well-known for her love of entertaining. The more people she could feed under her roof, the happier she was. She baked for weeks prior to every Thanksgiving. Cookies, bars and pies filled dozens of tins, Tupperware, and movie reel cans on her glass-enclosed deck. The deck became a sort of holiday "treat room" and every kid's dream! My brother…

Spirit of Boise Balloon Classic Brightens Boise Skyline

Boise’s skies were filled with Darth Vader, Elvis and more colorful balloons floating along as part of the Spirit of Boise Balloon Classic. The annual event attracted spectators out in the pre-dawn hours (and in the evening for the Nite Glo), along with balloonists from across the world. The 2020 schedule will be on SpiritOfBoise.com. Photography … Continued

New Season, New Reasons to Get Outdoors

Part of the beauty of being an outdoors person living in a four-season town is you’re always ending one season and preparing for the next, and November is a prime example of that. You never really know what you’re going to get. You could be hiking or mountain biking in the Foothills in a T-shirt or carving the first powder…

Worth the Trip

Portland is the perfect foodie destination. The city’s culinary scene spans a myriad of cuisines—every style, genre and ethnicity can be found in the city, whether it be at a corner food cart or a fine-dining restaurant overlooking the beautiful Willamette River.

Michael Mohica

I was born and raised on the North Shore on Oahu and moved to Idaho to attend the Boise State Culinary Program, graduating in 2000. My passion was to learn from the best and bring the flavor of Polynesian cuisine to a state where it was mostly unheard of. During this transition in life, I realized my desire to do…

Bowl of Comfort

Chilly fall evenings call for a hearty bowl of comfort food. This white bean chili is easy to make on the stovetop in less than an hour or in the slow cooker on busy days. The standard recipe has some kick but can be easily modified for a gentler version.    

October 2019 Around Town

Pooches Get New Place to Play Treasure Valley hounds now have a new spot to frolic. July saw the opening of Together Treasure Valley Dog Island, located in Ann Morrison Park’s southwest corner. “We are proud to offer an opportunity for dogs to run, play and swim so close to downtown Boise,” says Doug, Halloway, … Continued

Food for Thought

Few things in life are better than sharing a meal with family and friends. This year’s Foodie issue is near and dear to our hearts, and stomachs. After all, food is not only nourishing (and delicious) but it also brings people together—whether it’s a special anniversary dinner, a much-needed lunch break with coworkers, a friend’s … Continued

Pet Extravaganza 2019

Pets got a day out at Ann Morrison Park for August's Pet Extravaganza. The event, a benefit for Green Heart Senior Pet Rescue, featured pets for adoption along with crafts, food (human and pet-friendly) and vendor booths. PHOTOGRAPHY PROVIDED BY JORDAN GRAY

An Idaho Hunting Guide for Nonhunters

Hunting is an enjoyable sport, a family tradition for many Idahoans and an amazing way to get healthy, 100% organic protein compliments of Mother Nature.

The Evolution of Highlands Hollow Brewhouse

Highlands Hollow Brewhouse (2455 Harrison Hollow Lane) has been at the forefront of Boise’s craft brewery movement since 1992.

Flapjack Fanatics Show Up with Forks Up

Lots of flapjacks were flipped at the 12th annual United Way of Treasure Valley Flapjack Feed. The annual event serves as a kickoff for the organization's fundraising season. Missed out on this year's event? Plans are already being made for next year's, which is tentatively set for Aug. 6, 2020.  Photography by Idaho Power

A Man in Orders

Chef Lou Aaron (the Westside Drive In) is an icon. Idahoans have seen his appearances on the Food Network with Guy Fieri and Alton Brown or have caught his cooking demonstrations on KTVB. His story is well known: Lou is a hometown boy who does good.

Inspired by Success

 How did you get started on your career path?  I was kicked out of the corporate nest when my job was outsourced in 2007. I decided to turn my hobby into a money-earning business. I already had the majority of equipment needed to get started. I made business cards and sent a massive email to all my family and friends, and I…

Fairies and Formals

Once upon a time, a girl wished to attend a ball, but she had nothing to wear! As she looked at her dresses, she grew distressed. What would she do? She didn't have a trillion dollars for a formal! Suddenly, a magical lady appeared and whisked the girl away, fairy-like, to the closet where she kept her most lovely ballgowns. The girl…

Fall Fashion

“Summer’s lease hath all too short a date.” —William Shakespeare As our summer officially ends this month on Monday, Sept. 23, we move into the beauty that is Autumn in Idaho. As Stanley Horowitz once said, “Winter is an etching, spring a watercolor, summer an oil painting and autumn a mosaic of them all.” While we … Continued

September 2019 Around Town

Local Nonprofits Get Boost from Airport Passengers Boise Airport travelers with spare change have long known the challenge of dumping their coins in the X-ray machine dish and then trying to scrape them all back out again. Recently, however, those going through security have had the option to give their change to three local nonprofits. … Continued

TIP Fire Truck Pull

The Boise Fire Department took top honors at July’s Second Annual TIP Fire Truck Pull. First responder teams competed to haul a fire engine 100 feet. Probation and Parole grabbed Second, with the Meridian Police Department netting Third. The event benefitted Trauma Intervention Program of Treasure Valley, Idaho, a nonprofit supporting tragedy survivors. TipTreasureValley.org Photography by … Continued