Brandi Swindell +Fearless +Visionary +Idaho Girl +Forever Hopeful +Founder/CEO, Stanton Healthcare

What defining moments set you on your career path?

My faith journey began at a young age, which gives me tremendous inspiration, guidance and strength in the work I do today. As a successful entrepreneur, my grandfather taught me the value of self-reliance, hard work and risk-taking, which to this day provides a solid foundation for all that I am involved with. My upbringing also taught me to overcome obstacles. The bottom line for me isn’t profit-centered but rather people-centered and making a tangible difference with my time on this earth.

What motivates you?

Two things motivate me primarily. One, God’s extraordinary and unchanging love for humanity. The other is when one of our Stanton Moms comes into the clinic holding her baby with tears in her eyes and says, “Thank you… I couldn’t have done this without you. My child has changed my life. You gave me hope.” For me, helping women find their strength motivates me and confirms my purpose.

What are your success habits?

I never stop learning, growing and trying to improve myself. I seek wise input and surround myself with successful people. I’m not afraid to make the hard and difficult decisions. I drive my team and myself forward toward productive outcomes. I take time for adventure and enjoy life with friends and family. However, I never take my eye off the ball. There is much critical life-saving and hope-filled work that must be done. And as Joan of Arc said, “I am not afraid. I was born to do this.”