Sheli Gartman +Business Consultant +Executive Coach +Speaker +CEO Women Ignite

What defining moments set you on your career path?

I quit college after two years. I realized one day that I did not want to be a teacher in our school system. I soon joined corporate America with a national lender.

I quickly worked my way up to a management position before starting my own lending company.

With this new venture, I became deeply involved in personal growth, speaking and consulting. This I found to be my truest passion and calling. The Women Ignite Conference was the perfect launch pad for all my experience and strengths to spearhead a new type of equality movement—one that would be intergenerational; invite men into the conversation; and fire up the search for fresh solutions in our careers, callings and our lives.

What motivates you?

My faith motivates me; God, who has given me this purpose; and the amazingness of people.—the strengths, wisdom, innovations, stories… I am a people addict, so this purpose of mine is well-suited, and I love what I do.  

What are your success habits?

Courage: I don’t try to “live a fearless life.” I feel my fear and do what I need to do and want to do anyway.

Commitment: When I give my word of honor, whether verbally or on paper, I mean it. I admit when I am wrong and stay humble on the journey.

Consistency: It’s not the “smartest” or the fanciest person that always wins. Consistency, being true to your values and your word and your goals over time produces results.

Any advice for young women?

Get mentors in all the areas that are important to you professionally, personally, financially, relationally, spiritually, etc. And be careful who you let speak into and guide your life. Not all places and people are safe.