Building a Home that Loves You Back

People are increasingly mindful of their bodies. Never before has such awareness of health and wellness permeated our lives as it does today. Finding organic non-GMO produce, cleaning products free of harmful dyes and phthalates, and of course, sustainable, farm-to-table dining has never been so simple or so sought-after. Mickey and Laurie Reynolds of Heart in Home Realty didn’t set out to be the next big thing in healthy living, but the more they learned, the more passionate they became about it. Their full-service boutique agency specializes in empowering clients to build safe home environments. They assist with decisions which will affect the health of their clients’ families for years to come.

Many standard building materials are not only toxic but can actually release toxic chemicals and compounds into our home environments for years! Idaho has a decidedly relaxed building code. Therefore, it is up to the home buyer to advocate for their own health and safety. Heart in Home Realty partners with Flynner Homes to build homes that are not only beautiful but will help keep your air—and your body—pure.

Heart in Home Realty is dedicated to educating its clients. Mickey and Laurie’s belief that you can’t place a value on your health is what inspires them to “build tight and ventilate right”—and to teach people the benefits of quality construction. From helping homeowners take advantage of the many financial incentives awarded for energy efficiency, to creating videos for email subscribers on building and maintaining a wholesome living environment, Heart in Home draws on 18 years of experience to assist clients in making informed decisions throughout the home buying and home building process.

Here are four healthy building practices Mickey and Laurie would like to share with our readers:

Maintain Fresh Air

Build tight construction and get an Energy Recovery Ventilator (E.R.V.). This will not only help with energy efficiency but will reduce seasonal allergies, get rid of areas in the home with a thermal gradient and decrease the likelihood of mold.

No VOC/Low-VOC Paint and Cabinetry

Volatile organic compounds (VOCs) are found in regular house paint. These substances are toxic and can actually be carcinogenic, according to Mickey and Laurie. Ask at the paint counter for paint with no or low VOC. You will pay $10 to $30 more per can but will improve the quality of the air you breathe significantly.

Form-Free Carpet Pads

Carpet pads are filled with formaldehyde. This deadly chemical can off-gas into your home for 15 years after it is installed! Use a formaldehyde-free (form-free) pad to drastically decrease the toxicity of your home.

Test for Radon

Especially if you have a crawl space or basement. Radon poisoning is the second leading cause of lung cancer in the United States. Radon is a radioactive gas, the result of decomposing rock and soil. It can enter your home through your crawlspace. If you find your home has a high level of radon, get it remediated as soon as possible.

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