Mike Jackson: Family Man, Entrepreneur, Veteran, Owner of Home Helpers

What defining moments set you on your career path?

After being in the high-tech industry for several years with a part-time janitorial business on the side, the demand for care services from our senior clients emerged to a point that couldn’t be ignored. From there, we allowed the business to change and become who we are today.

What motivates you?

I’ve always liked starting something from scratch and growing it into something to be proud of, whether it’s starting a family or creating a business. Becoming an employer in the service industry not only provides jobs but also helps others in the community.

 What are your success habits?

  • Read books
  • Don’t stop learning. Learn more, and try to become a master of your trade.
  • Dream crazy big!
  • Work harder than your competition.
  • Be relentless in your pursuits to accomplish whatever it is that you’re trying to accomplish.