Trend Report: Gemstone Hues

Whether it’s a bold red lip, a flash of accent green on a handbag, or stripes of yellow and purple across a shoe, this season’s trends showcase every color of the rainbow.

As the soft pastels of previous seasons fade with the summer sun, expect fall to come in strong with a dazzling array of gemstone colors, vivid stripes and a plethora of edgy prints from around the world.

The ’90s are back, too, with chunky footwear, colorful overalls, whimsical sunglasses and a wide variety of denim styles.

From ruby red to sapphire blue, choose your favorite haute hues and embrace the crisp coolness of autumn.

Fall fashion’s overall message for 2018 is “be bold!” 

Tanya Carnahan, lifestyle and travel blogger

All fashion pieces pictured here are from I Beni Boutique, SHIFT Boutique, Swank Boutique or the author’s closet.