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The Treasure Valley Is a Strong and Growing Community with a Bright Future

The rapid growth of the Treasure Valley has been a concern for some residents who fear that the things they love about this area will be lost if our city continues to grow at the current pace. The commercial real estate experts at Cushman & Wakefield Pacific share their insight.

“Resistance may be the largest challenge during this period of rapid growth,” Sara Shropshire says. “Acceptance opens doors to more thoughtful growth and the ability to be prepared and proactive.

“Our company provides years of experience and knowledge with helping companies open new business and expand existing business. We provide value with helping clients make educated decisions with their growth pattern and how to stay within their means to ensure they are profitable. We contribute to the community by helping business come to the Valley and doing our best to set them up to be as successful as possible. In turn, there are more jobs and opportunities for our community.”

The key to accepting this growth is to focus on the positive aspects our community experiences as a result of a growing economy and community. 

“With growth comes increased diversity and new creative business concepts that are started by those moving into our community like restaurants, clothing boutiques and smaller startup companies,” Andrea Nilson says. “As those companies and businesses grow, they attract new young talent, which in turn seems to fuel downtown living, which then brings it back full circle and fuels the need for additional retail services. There are several communities with their eyes on Boise right now watching to see how we handle the growth and looking to us to set an example.”

Some of the anxiety over this growth is related to increased traffic congestion and increased cost of living. Collaboration is one strategy for cultivating growth in a responsible way. 

“Counties, municipalities in conjunction with the state level need a tremendous amount of collaboration on the transportation and venue side,” Andrea says. “Utilizing and modifying mechanisms currently in place to fund new schools, new roads and new venues… All of those are critical to creating a healthy, viable community.”

Another strategy for managing growth is to plan for future needs now. 

“We need to plan for the long-term needs of the community,” Jennifer McEntee says. “Allocating money for infrastructure to make sure when we do build or expand roads, we are planning for future growth and not just fixing the current problem.”

This area is a wonderful place to live, and the secret is out. While growth and change are inevitable, with smart planning and help from companies like Cushman & Wakefield Pacific who help new businesses succeed, the Treasure Valley will always be a strong and vibrant community.  

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