Q&A with Laurel Meyer 4

Local Store Owner, Businesswoman, Wife, Mother & Off-Road Enthusiast

Laurel Meyer has found that delicate balance between work that she loves, spending time with family, taking care of our environment and making Idaho a better place to live. When her children were young she made the decision to take a break from the retail world and sold her first shop.  Laurel explains, “As time went on, I felt fragmented between family and work and realized that my heart was at home with my family. My husband and I decided to sell our shop so that I could stay home and raise our children. When our youngest child started college, I was enthusiastic to get back into retail.”  They opened Roost, a gift and home decor store, 664 S. Rivershore Lane, Suite 166, in Eagle. In addition to running the store, Laurel also makes time to serve the community.


What sparked your desire to own a retail shop?

I have had the desire to own a retail shop since high school, but back then, my dream was to own a retail clothing boutique. I began college as a fashion merchandising major and chose to take a basic interior design class as an elective. That interior design class turned out to be my favorite! I switched my major and graduated with a bachelor’s degree in interior design.

Throughout high school and college, I worked part-time as a waitress and did merchandising at my parents’ retail nurseries. I discovered that I really enjoy serving the public and the fast-paced environment that retail demands. My combined experiences are a perfect blend for retail. I am able to use my experiences in merchandising, interior design and retail service in my work. I am doing what I love. It is a blessing!

What are some of your favorite things about living in Idaho? 

I love everything about Idaho! My family and I moved here six years ago in pursuit of a more wholesome and abundant quality of life. We sought and appreciate all of the qualities that living in Idaho has to offer. We enjoy having an enormous variety of outdoor recreational activities so close to home. We have been able to go spring skiing at Bogus Basin and off-road motorcycle riding in the Owyhee Desert all in the same weekend — not many places that you can do that. We can enjoy camping and various outdoor activities, as well as shopping and dinner in the city, all within a few minutes from our home.

Tell us about the nonprofit organization that you support.

One thing our family loves about Idaho is the abundance of outdoor space and natural beauty that surrounds us. We found the best way to explore the land and the vast Idaho trail system is with off-road motorcycles. We discovered a great nonprofit group whose mission is to promote the sport of off-highway vehicle riding while protecting our right to ride, and working with land managers, political leaders and the public by representing the interests of trail riders, teaching trail ethics, safety and conservation, and performing maintenance on trails, campsites and parking areas. Most people do not realize that using off-road motorized vehicles on designated trails is the best way to explore nature with the least amount of negative impact on the environment. We joined Treasure Valley Trail Machine Association, and my husband and I both became board members. After opening the shop, I gave up my board position but still find time to actively participate and volunteer for club events. It is a great group that is doing great things!

For more information about Treasure Valley Trail Machine Association, visit TVTMA.org. For more information about Roost, visit RoostOnTheRiver.com.

"I realize the value of others and strive to treat people honestly and respectfully. Living out these values makes everything less challenging, including owning a business."