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Me & My Bike

2017 Indian Roadmaster

Ron Richards


Meridian, Idaho

Retired Air Force


For more than 50 years, Ron Richards has been riding some type of machine. His riding hobby started when he was 14 years old delivering newspapers on a Cushman Allstate Scooter. While in the Air Force stationed in California, he started riding dirt bikes.

Now that he is retired, he prefers a touring bike but is getting his grandkids started on dirt bikes anpassing the legacy of riding on to the next generation. Along with making time for family, Ron is a member of two clubs, The Sawtooth Indian Riding Group and The Roadrunners. An active member of both groups, he doesn’t let much get in the way of riding.

“Ron rides during the winter, and tours all year, Zeb Earnest, sales manager of Sawtooth Indian Motorcycles, says. “In fact, he puts on more miles than anyone else I know.”

Ron’s advice for anyone is to “Find something you love to do, and make time for whatever activity you really enjoy. Practice will give you confidence in your ability and always remember to be aware of your surrounding and ride safe.”

What made you choose the Indian Roadmaster?

-Quality build

-Touring-type bike

-Thunderbolt 111 motor

-Handles well for the larger size of the bike

-Good balance and center of gravity

-It fits me as an individual.