Keep Burning 6

Orangetheory Coaches Parker Gordon and Grady Davies Present Some Key Exercises to Achieve Maximum Results

Burning calories for hours after your 60-minute workout is the goal at Orangetheory. They call it the afterburn. Coaches guide you through a heart-rate-monitored training designed to maintain a target zone that stimulates metabolism and increases energy. What is the best thing about being a coach at Orangetheory? “Teaching classes at Orangetheory allows for a personal touch in a group environment and really allows for personalities to come out,” Parker says. Grady adds, “I prefer the group setting at Orangetheory. It is more dynamic, yet allows everyone to go at their own pace.”

Key Exercises

Reverse lunge with medicine ball

8/side, alternating

High row, low row with TRX bands

12 with 3-second tempo

Atomic mountain climbers with Bosu ball


Bench chest press


Rollout with ab dolly


Bicep curls with dumbbells


Bent over reverse fly with dumbbells


In and outs, pushup position


Bosu Ball

The Bosu ball—used in this workout for the atomic mountain climbers—is a versatile and useful piece of equipment. Easier to store than a traditional balance ball, Bosu balls are used to improve muscle coordination, stability and balance.

Ab Dolly

This fitness tool helps mix up your basic core work and challenge yourself in new ways. The ab dolly works your core at varying angles and requires you to work different muscles to stabilize yourself and control the dolly.


A sturdy bench allows you to adjust your position to work different muscle groups and provides support for different body parts. A quality bench is often a safer option than a table or chair and offers more flexibility.

Set of Dumbbells

A staple for any home gym, a good set of dumbbells will have an anti-roll shape, durability and comfortable texture. Economical and easy to store, adjustable dumbbells are becoming a popular at-home alternative to traditional sets.

TRX bands

One of the best bangs for your workout buck, TRX bands offer a full-body workout at any fitness level in any location. Basic kits run around $100; packages are also available with more bells and whistles.