Fitz & Murphey Interiors Help Create Multifunctional Spaces

“Creativity is piercing the mundane to find the marvelous.” —Bill Moyers

Creativity can be nurtured and harvested but needs a suitable space to develop and grow. There appears to be a growing trend in this idea of developing an environment conducive to fostering creativity or inspiration within the home or office. Modern families are looking for uniquely quirkier spaces—spaces like music rooms, craft rooms, playrooms and reading rooms. Even in the office spaces of corporate America, one is less likely to see the boxy offices or stuffy boardrooms that set the traditional tones of yesteryear. Today, there is a notion to gather in comfortable, collaborative nooks and to reinvent the current real estate to make better use of the space.

With more than two decades of combined experience, local design team Jennifer Fitz and Sandy Murphey of Fitz & Murphey Interiors, are both passionate about the idea of using existing space to repurpose a room. Many of their projects in the Treasure Valley have involved this very idea of taking an underutilized space and transforming it into something both functional and appealing.

“We’ve recently completed a project where we converted an unused dining room into a family home office,” Jennifer says. “Every single day someone in this family will now use this room. It is exciting to see this new space transformed into something that is not only aesthetically pleasing but very functional too.”

The design duo also takes a very collaborative approach when remodeling spaces.

“Due to the popularity of design shows on HGTV, our clients are very design savvy, they really want a more hands-on approach to their projects,” Sandy says.

One example of this more collective effort resulted in a uniquely creative space that was once just part of the kitchen pantry. By reconfiguring the available space, the designers and homeowner were able to carve out not only functional storage but also a home office.

“A space doesn’t have to be used just for one function, it can be multifunctional,” Sandy says.

Following their design instincts, both Jennifer and Sandy eschew trendier ideas; instead, they rely upon an inner creed of incorporating traditional, classic design that also encapsulates a family’s unique needs and desires.

“People (today) are trying to simplify, to declutter their life and make 
things as functional as possible but also unique to their needs,” Jennifer says.

Interested in repurposing your existing space or looking to enhance an underutilized room? Consider contacting the design team for an appointment or design consultation.

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