Confessions 5

What Happens in the Gym, Stays in the Gym … or Does it?

With decades of combined experience under their belts, these local trainers have seen it all. We asked them to share a memorable experience or something they have learned, and they delivered—the good, the bad and the funny.

“I was working with an exceptionally athletic client doing heavy pullups for strength. As his next set approached, he strapped his hands to the pullup bar, stepped off with a belt carrying a 45-pound plate, started his first pullup, and the belt slid down, taking his shorts with it!

“So there he is hanging from the pullup bar, shorts around his ankles with the weighted belt, in only his underwear and a tank top, only one rep into a set of five. Being the dedicated client he is, still strapped to the bar and weight around his feet, he finishes his other four reps to complete his set of five reps. Everyone around was laughing and cheering him on, so at this point, we’ve attracted the entire gym and upon completion of his set he received a series of compliments. True dedication.” 

—Jay Taylor, Jack City Fitness

“In my early days as a trainer, I was training a client one on one, holding his feet while he was doing situps, and he just lets one go. I jumped up real quick, and we had a good laugh together. Now a seasoned trainer, I have clients tuck their feet under a machine for support.” 

—Brian Redtfeldt, Fitness Together

“There is no single right way to train—success in health and fitness is unique to every individual. I’ve learned for weight loss clients, success is less about food and more about repairing other areas in their life: relationships, money, stress. Being a great trainer is really about building people up, rather than breaking them down.” 

—Austin Zander, The Gym

“I wish I would’ve known how little time I would have to work out while owning a gym.” 

—Andy Rosenbaum, Boise CrossFit