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Keep Those Resolutions for 2018

Acta non verba

Action, not words. How often have we told ourselves—and others—that this year will be different? That this year will be the year of fitness and better and healthier choices. The year that we actually use that neglected gym membership. It has been said that 80 percent of all New Year’s resolutions will fail by February. So if you are considering wiping clean that dusty fitness slate to start those healthier habits afresh, here are four local options to keep yourself in that coveted—and successful—20 percent.


Boise: Boise-ParkCenter.OrangetheoryFitness.com208.246.8600

Meridian: Meridian.OrangetheoryFitness.com208.895.9076

Heart rate-based integral training. If this string of words seems a little nebulous, here are the details: Orangetheory’s use of graduated workout levels can burn 400-700 calories for women, and 700-1,000 for men. Workouts include cardio, weight training and strength-building exercises. During the one-hour session, each member is fitted with a heart rate device which displays upon a viewing screen so that members and trainers alike can monitor heart rates as they continue to the next level. The highest level (orange) is the burn zone and only lasts 12 minutes. However, the calories burned during this intense period can last up to 36 hours! A coach constantly monitors each member’s progress throughout the workout to ensure that all are within healthy and safe heart rates, but also provides encouragement and moral support. Orangtheory’s classes start at 5 a.m. and run all throughout the day (barring an afternoon gap) until 6:45 p.m., seven days a week, except Christmas Day. No excuses here for missing classes.

Jack City Fitness, 208.999.1111

What happens when two local athletes decide to join forces and open a gym of their own? You might get Jack City Fitness. Co-owner Jay Taylor is a local Boisean who is passionate about health and fitness and has channeled his own athletic training, experience and education into a fully-integrated health and lifestyle fitness program. His motto? Consistency wins in fitness. And consistency means more than just showing up to lift a couple weights. It’s about monthly body measurements, accountability and community. Jack City Fitness ascribes to a creed of nutrition, weights, cardio and supplements, in that order, meaning that if you are still choosing unhealthy things to feed your body, no workout—no matter how intense—is going to make you healthier. Jay also stresses the accountability factor and is not above reaching out to members who might have slacked off a little on their routine. Sometimes people feel guilty about missing classes and try to slip into the cracks. That will not happen here—you are not just some anonymous gym member. So if you are serious about finally making a healthier lifestyle change, Jack City Fitness might be just what the doctor ordered.

Camp Rhino, 208.576-6410

Let’s face it, working out is still work! And sometimes work can be exhausting, mundane or just plain uninspiring. But what if working out could also be a lot of fun? Camp Rhino is all about the workouts and the fun! Located off of Orchard/Overland, the giant space is like a playground for adults. Within these expansive walls lies an “American Ninja Warrior” wonderland, complete with vault boxes, double salmon ladder, angel steps (incline/decline monkey bars), vertical and horizontal spider climb, vertical and horizontal pegboard and the ever-popular warped walls. Camp Rhino integrates high-intensity workouts like CrossFit and boot camps, but also offers PiYo and circuit training options. If finding day care is a hindrance to maintaining a routine, do not fret. Camp Rhino offers fitness programs for the whole family! This means during your “Ninja Warrior” session, junior will also be enjoying his own scaled-down version, as there is no sitting around watching television here. Looking to put a spark back in your lackluster relationship as well as getting in a good workout? Consider date night at Camp Rhino.

Asana Climbing Gym, 208.345-7625

Climbing enthusiasts love nature, of course, but what happens when you live in the Treasure Valley and are slowly succumbing to the mid-winter doldrums? How about a membership or day pass at Asana Climbing Gym? Conveniently located in Garden City, climbers of all ages and abilities can shake off the winter blahs and bask in the warm and family-friendly fitness options. Climbing will improve your confidence, health, and general state of being. It involves a combination of balance, flexibility, endurance, strength, breath, and focus. It is a great mental and full body workout while being very enjoyable. Asana Climbing Gym specializes in the bouldering aspect of rock climbing as well as an assortment of top rope/lead climbing, climbing classes, youth programs, slacklining, cardio, weight training, yoga and aerial skills. Kids will love having their next birthday celebration doing what they do best: having fun! Consider Asana Climbing Gym for your next group or corporate event, date night or a place to simply enjoy an encouraging, friendly community while getting fit at the same time. Even better? They also offer complete massage packages to help soothe those achy, albeit fit, muscles!