Worthy Reads 12

Wednesday’s Rescue
by Janice Hildreth 
(Boise author)

Janice Hildreth is the author of an international newsletter turned blog, PastorsWife.com, offering encouragement to those who are married to pastors. Her love for the Lord and of writing led her to start a Christian romance series. Wednesday’s Rescue is the fourth installment in the A New Day Series where every book centers on a member of the McKinnon family.

Wednesday’s Rescue focuses on a topic a bit heavier than her others—human trafficking. Hildreth’s book is seriously and tastefully done, exposing the problem that exists everywhere–even in our own beloved state—while remaining light enough for the reader and skillfully weaving together a heartwarming romance. Ultimate planner John Maxwell is reluctantly falling in love with free spirit Anna McKinnon.

I wish I had more space to give you the startling facts and tricks used to enslave young people I learned about as a result of reading this book, but, Hildreth’s book gives you sources at the end so you can do some more research. All of her books are available through Amazon and are sure to please and entertain. A worthy read for sure.

Shakespeare’s Christmas
by Charlaine Harris

I cut my teeth on Charlaine Harris’ Sookie Stackhouse series. Then I moved to the Harper Connelly series (still my favorite) and then found the Lily Bard series, a little darker than the others but still the strong flavor that Harris delivers in all of her books. I jumped in at book three, not knowing there were two others ahead of this one, but I was still able to follow this one enough to enjoy it.

Lily is reluctant to go home to an estranged family but come home she must as her sister is due to get married. Her return isn’t as smooth as she hopes for with a cold kidnapping case bringing her detective boyfriend to town, which may or may not have something to do with the gruesome murders that happened soon after she arrived.

Not one of my favorite reads, but definitely interesting enough to keep me turning the pages.