The Shed 6

Tiny Sign. Great Big Taste.

My grandad’s shed was his sanctuary. He spent more hours out there than just about anywhere. Whether it was tinkering with a new invention, fixing something for somebody or just avoiding being henpecked, his shed was his place to relax and regroup. It was impeccably clean, and the door was always open. He would stand out there for hours drinking and chatting amiably with his neighbor of 20 years who always called him “Robert” which, as it would happen, was not his name.

Grandad always had what you needed in his shed. Mason jars of drywall screws? Check. Bolt cutters? Check. The exact size whatsit for the thingamabob nobody ever heard of? Of course. Sheds, in general, conjure up visions of scrap lumber and hunting stuff and antique license plates. They are interesting places full of mystery and a pleasure to visit.

Just like every grandpa’s shed, The Shed bar and grill is decorated with a charmingly quirky, oddball assortment of taxidermy hunting trophies, photos, stickers and a faux woodpile. Chef Joel Thomas says they really want The Shed to be “a place that [is] inviting for anyone to come,” and that includes man’s best friend. Cool garage-type doors open up to dog-friendly patios in the front and back. As long as they are leashed, your poochie pals are welcome at The Shed and will even be served their own doggie water bowl. The back patio is also being outfitted with a drop-down screen where they plan to project Boise State games. The Shed is a great spot to eat a good meal before heading over to the Morrison Center to see a performance or for watching a BSU football game—close enough to hear the roar of the stadium without having to fight the crowds of tailgaters.

The space inside The Shed is open, airy and spotless. There are areas to mingle and booths that offer more privacy. Eight big televisions screen sporting events. The staff is friendly and fun to talk to. Come for the food and stay for drinks and good conversation.

Chef Joel’s menu of high-end, elevated pub food really stands out here. The restaurant serves mouthwatering and flavorful dishes that are complex enough for a sophisticated palate but simple enough for your grandpa. After tasting my sandwich, and then my friend’s sandwich, I wanted to try everything on the entire menu. It is some craveable, yummy stuff. They have an impressive assortment of salads, sandwiches, wraps, burgers and entrees, so it may take me a while to get through the whole list, which I intend to do.

Most menu items at The Shed are made from scratch. Chicken strips are hand-breaded to order, their fries are hand-cut and even the chips in their colossal plate of nachos are handmade. Your grandad would approve of the portion sizes too. The plates come out loaded with food. The bar has a good selection of beers and wines and serves $2 domestic beers all the time. Check Facebook to see the posted daily lunch specials. Brunch is served from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. Saturday and Sunday, and they give a discount for hungry students—$6 student brunch.

Monday nights chicken wings are 75 ents each, no limit, as many or as few as you would like. Regular wing flavors are served as well as a featured fresh sauce flavor. At 3:50 for 10 minutes every Monday afternoon, you can check Instagram to see what flavor the fresh sauce wings will be for that night only.

The Shed is a hidden gem. Formerly The Lift Bar & Grill 2, The Shed’s location near Boise State and Ann Morrison Park, tucked in at 1010 S. La Pointe St.—across from the La Pointe apartments—has an out-of-the-way, pocket-sized storefront which has largely kept The Shed concealed from the public. Across Capitol Boulevard from campus, this humble hangout is just waiting to be discovered. The Shed’s food and drinks are as delicious as its sign is inconspicuous. Take your kids—yes, there is a kids menu,–your dogs, your buddies or your eccentric grandpa. Take a sticker and leave your mark on the sticker pole. Just take your own self if that’s what suits you. But do go on out to The Shed and see what all the fuss is about. Have a droolworthy meal and a good time. You’ll thank me later.