A Special Boutique for the Diagnosed and Recovering 2

Prairie Medical

Breast cancer can be a dizzying experience for any woman, whether she is in full recovery, undergoing surgery or recently diagnosed. Moving through the hospital system, scheduling doctor’s appointments and feeling like life is at a standstill can take a toll on a person both mentally and physically. There are special needs for breast cancer patients that can ease this process, though these may be the last things on a woman’s mind.

Tink Prairie-Newcomb watched her own mother go through breast cancer and realized there was no one-stop shop where she could find things like breast prostheses, specially padded bras, head coverings or compression garments—a place that didn’t feel as sterile as all the doctor’s offices she had already been through.

Prairie Medical was founded nine years ago,  specializing in medical equipment for venous and arterial disorders. This past January, the Mastectomy Boutique opened its doors offering a place where women could acquire necessary supplies in a relaxing and boutique-like atmosphere. Boutique manager Marie Armstrong ensures patients that it’s “okay to care about how you look on the outside,” especially if that means making you feel good on the inside. A beautiful hat can make hair loss seem less daunting, or breast prosthesis may mean a mastectomy patient can leave the house with confidence again. Many don’t realize how affordable these options can be, and that certain insurance policies may even subsidize some of the costs.

Tink suggests scheduling an appointment to ensure enough time for a proper fitting, though walk-ins are welcome too. This state-of-the-art shop also offers custom prostheses developed through a noninvasive scanning technology and is the only store in the Pacific Northwest to offer this technology. The professional and friendly staff want to make patients feel comfortable and have a positive experience, despite having to endure this life-changing situation.

This isn’t another medical supply store or hospital. Instead, you’ll feel as though you walked into a chic boutique, with a flair for taking care of women experiencing one of the most difficult periods of their lives.

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