Own It!

Creating a Fitness Mindset

1. Brett Denton learned the tricks of the fitness trade as a lifelong athlete. Raised in Alaska, Brett moved to Idaho to attend BSU. Not only was Brett a student, but he also played running back for the Broncos. It was during these conditioning days that he learned he was more drawn to the training aspect of competition as opposed to the actual game day adrenaline.

2. After graduating BSU with a double major in biomechanics and exercise physiology, Brett entertained the idea of furthering his education by pursuing medicine. After getting a job right out of college with orthopedic sales, Brett hoped this introduction into the medical field would lead to future medical school. However, it was during this juncture he realized his true passion: fitness training.

3. While working part time, Brett started a series of fitness boot camps, working out in a tiny 175-foot gym, calling them Flab to Fab. During these early years, Brett kept reinventing his vision. Each time he would recreate this ideal program in his mind, moving from gym to gym and changing the name of his company until he finally settled on Kvell. Kvell means happy and proud, especially in community.

4. By embracing his health/science and fitness background, Brett birthed the ultimate fitness and nutrition program. His philosophy was based on the idea of community, of members sharing their struggles—and successes—with each other, every time they step into the gym or while going about their daily lives. Gathering the latest technological tools (apps and emails), Kvell members are prompted by daily reminders to make healthier eating choices, to be mindful of sleep and the ability to book classes quickly and conveniently.

5. Brett’s mission is to change lives, not just physical bodies, by drawing upon a view that fitness is a mindset—one that begins with examining personal responsibility, accountability and striving to push one’s limits. Kvell is about integrating nutrition, fitness, lifestyle choices and setting goals to create the best version of their own self.

Kvell Fitness & Nutrition
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