Idaho Foodbank

Idaho Foodbank 6

The Idaho Foodbank teamed up with the Boise Police Department as well as athletes from the Boise State football team. The Foodbank 
distributed free lunches through its Picnic in the Park program in Boise and Garden City to children who are in need. Photos by Mike Sharp.

Fourth Annual Kids in Motion Health and Fitness Fair

Fourth Annual Kids in Motion Health and Fitness Fair 7

Molina Medicaid Solutions organized a special day for more than 150 local children as part of its fourth annual Kids in Motion Health and Fitness Fair. The event benefited the Boys & Girls Club of Ada County to teach kids about the benefits of good nutrition and physical fitness.

What’s Your Style?

What's Your Style?

As September comes and the change of weather approaches, so 
 comes one of the essential issues of the season: the fashion issue.
Fashion: a—a prevailing custom, usage or style; b (1)—the prevailing style (as in dress) during a particular time; (2)—a garment in such a style.

Boise’s Fashion Finds

Boise’s Fashion Finds 18

When you’re sitting at your desk at work staring out the window, all you can think about is that trail you’re going to bike on after work, the cold mountain lake you’ll want to jump into or the hills you’re going to hike with your dog. Luckily, the experts who work in Boise’s fashion scene understand this lifestyle and carry the clothes to match it. Of course, they know that the people in this growing city also like to get fancy every now and then. Downtown is booming and you may be surprised to find how many boutiques are tucked in between all the restaurants and hotels. These knowledgeable owners and fashionistas are at your service and would love to put together your next outfit for any occasion.

Worthy Reads

Worthy Reads 4

Don’t let the title fool you—this is not a romance novel. If you’re familiar with the author at all, you’ll know it’s a crime thriller with a paranormal twist. My mom recommended this book to me, and I have to admit that after finishing The Lovers, I hurried over to my local library to see what other John Connolly books were available; more specifically, what other Charlie Parker novels were out. He is a fantastic writer, with in-depth plots so far from predictable that I eventually stopped trying to guess “who done it.”

September 2017 Around Town

September 2017 Around Town 2

Following statewide voting from association members, Boise teacher Kari Overall has been elected president of the Idaho Education Association. Her three-year term began in August. Overall teaches United States history at South Junior High School in Boise and has a substantial track record of leadership in the IEA. She succeeds Penni Cyr, who is retiring following six years as IEA president.

Soar like an Eagle at the Eagle/Ada Sports Complex

Soar like an Eagle at the Eagle/Ada Sports Complex

The Eagle/Ada Sports Complex has grown from its dusty origins as a dry patch of sagebrush and cheatgrass east of Eagle to one of the most vibrant, unique parks in the Treasure Valley.
The park’s calling card is its bike facilities, but it’s also a hangout for skaters, hikers, trail runners, dog walkers and a hardy bunch of roller derby gals.
Let’s start with the biking because that’s how the park originated. Years ago, a group of local bikers looked at an undeveloped section of the lower Boise Foothills and envisioned a network of mountain bike trails.

Elegance, Ambiance and, Oh My, the Food!

Elegance, Ambiance and, Oh My, the Food! 9

Fine dining isn’t just a destination; it’s an experience. It doesn’t matter if it’s New York, Paris or anywhere else in the world, you know when you’ve found it. And for the past 10 years, that singular experience has been delighting diners right here in Boise at Chandlers.