Worthy Reads 2

What’s Worthy to Read This Summer

Crimes Against a Book Club by Kathy Cooperman

I LOVED this book. It catches you from the very beginning and holds you until the last page. It’s a light read, perfect for summer, with all the necessary ingredients: good writing, good plot and lots of good humor. Annie and Sarah are best friends. Sarah is the beautiful, rich, barren one and Annie is the frumpy stay-at-home mom of three. When Annie finds out her son has autism and is in need of very expensive therapy, and Sarah quits her lucrative job at a law firm but still wants to keep up with her IVF treatments, the friends quickly realize they need a way to make money and lots of it. That’s when they come up with their miracle face cream, Ytinav.

I really enjoyed how the book not only focused on the lives of Sarah and Annie but also those of the women being conned, the members of the book club. Each one had so much personality; it was hard to choose a favorite. If you get a chance to listen to it as an audiobook, do it! The narrator, Katherine Kellgre, has so much talent and made the book so much more enjoyable with how she told the story, getting into each character and really capturing the emotion of the story. In the end, this book is definitely a worthy read.

The Beekeeper by Stewart Giles

The story opens with the discovery of a dead body, a missing best friend and a beekeeper who was too busy to call the police about the decaying man beneath her flowers. I was hooked. In what seems to be a series of random murders, the special unit is called in to help the local police department solve the case.

The main characters are likable and have some depth to them, and while the mystery was solved at the end, I felt it was a slapped together ending that didn’t really make sense, and that the answers to the other murders were “easy ways out.” All in all, though, I did enjoy the read for the simple murder mystery it was.

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