August 2017 Around Town

August 2017 Around Town 2

Boise Mayor David Bieter awarded Paul J. Schneider the Key to the City, the highest honor the city can bestow upon a resident, for his 50-year broadcasting career in Boise.
Bieter presented the award live on the air during the mayor’s regular monthly interview on “Idaho’s First Morning News,” the show Schneider hosts on 670 KBOI. The mayor also proclaimed Friday, June 9, “Paul J Day” in Boise.

Idaho Humane Society

Idaho Humane Society 5

Twelve dogs arrived safely in the Treasure Valley after they were rescued by Humane Society International from dismal conditions at a backyard breeding operation for the dog meat trade in South Korea. The Idaho Humane Society, based in Boise, took over care of the dogs and handled adoptions.

10th Anniversary for Chandlers Steakhouse

10th Anniversary for Chandlers Steakhouse 4

The 10th-anniversary celebration event for Chandlers Steakhouse, which included a ribbon-cutting and grand reopening, was held at the restaurant at Ninth and Grove streets. More than 200 people attended the event, and a $15,000 donation was made to the Women’s and Children’s Alliance, a Boise-based nonprofit.

Back to School!

Back to School!

As the summer starts to wind down and schools are starting back up, we can’t help but notice that fall is right around the corner. This is my favorite time of year.
It was almost exactly one year ago at this time that my oldest son and I hiked Mount Borah, the highest mountain peak in Idaho at 12,662 feet. We went with our local Boy Scout troop and I remember thinking one of the benefits would be escaping the summer heat we felt down here in the valley. While I can tell you that we both experienced some incredible views reaching the summit, escaping the heat would have been much easier by just taking a quick trip to one of the many local lakes we have to enjoy in the area.

Strawberry Spinach Salad

Strawberry Spinach Salad 6

This delicious salad is my go-to side item for any summer potluck or barbecue. Every time I serve it, someone asks for the recipe. I’m happy to share it, and always mention that if you are short on time, buy candied cashews and wonton salad toppers. You can skip to step 3, but the homemade strawberry dressing is worth the effort and is the star of the dish.

Worthy Reads

Worthy Reads 2

I LOVED this book. It catches you from the very beginning and holds you until the last page. It’s a light read, perfect for summer, with all the necessary ingredients: good writing, good plot and lots of good humor. Annie and Sarah are best friends. Sarah is the beautiful, rich, barren one and Annie is the frumpy stay-at-home mom of three. When Annie finds out her son has autism and is in need of very expensive therapy, and Sarah quits her lucrative job at a law firm but still wants to keep up with her IVF treatments, the friends quickly realize they need a way to make money and lots of it. That’s when they come up with their miracle face cream, Ytinav.

Influential Teachers

Influential Teachers 8

The job of a teacher is a special one and, though you’ve probably had that one teacher in your life you’ll never forget, there are so many teachers inspiring their students every day. The great teachers stand out because they can introduce that one novel to a student that could be the catalyst to becoming the next Stephen King, can turn a number-illiterate student into an engineer or have a life-changing effect on those students that say, “I hate school.” Boise is growing fast, yet these four Boise teachers are keeping up with the needs of this changing environment with charisma, virtue and stamina— preparing their students for the future to come.

Shear Madness! Barbershop

Shear Madness! Barbershop

It’s true—barbershops might seem a little anachronistic in our age of super speedy, uber-techno conveniences. After all, we’re of such a busy, stressful mindset, we, the American public, have demanded that the multitude of hair-cutting chains follow suit to keep up with the insatiable need of our get in/get out lifestyle.

Take Me to the River, Float Me on the Water

Take Me to the River, Float Me on the Water 2

Summer heat is here, and many Treasure Valley residents look for some respite by heading to the mountains or hitting the water. Fortunately, the Boise River runs through much of the Treasure Valley, and there are other rivers nearby that give you a place to cool off, splash through a rapid, catch a trout or watch golden eagles soaring in the blue summer sky.

Keeping it Real

Keeping it Real 10

The annual roundup of lunches featuring a parade of cartoon characters and woodland creatures can be a little overwhelming. I am overcome with both their cuteness and the feeling that I am failing as a parent because, as Sweet Brown says, “Ain’t nobody got time for that.” If this is something you too have felt, let me stop you right there. I’ll tell you a secret: Nobody is making those lunches. Seriously, NOBODY. Google “bento box lunch images” and ask your kids. I guarantee they haven’t seen a single Beaker-the-Muppet veggie wrap at school. So, let’s talk school lunches, keeping it real, how to add variety and avoid appetite fatigue while spending a sane amount of time and energy doing it.

Local Music Venues

Local Music Venues 8

During the summer months, this little high-desert haven offers a spectacular spot to enjoy an evening with your favorite band. Family friendly, easily accessible and with lots and lots of room to stretch your legs, the Idaho Botanical Gardens provides a memorable concert-going experience. The expansive lawn of Outlaw Field begs for the summer repertoire of folding lawn chairs, blankets and a libation or two. With a backdrop of russet foothills and rolling sage—and the looming presence of the historic Idaho State Penitentiary—great music only adds to the overall ambiance.