Grand Opening of Boise WaterShed River Campus

Grand Opening of Boise WaterShed River Campus 11

Boise Mayor David Bieter was joined by the city council, participating artists and community partners in celebrating the grand opening of the newly completed Boise WaterShed River Campus. The 2-acre complex is being recognized as the largest concentration of public art in Idaho. Photos courtesy of the city of Boise.

Summer Fun and Adventure

Summer Fun and Adventure

My family wanted hamburgers tonight, so I dusted off the outdoor grill and fired it up for the first time this year. Just as I was finishing up, I was hit with a sudden burst of wind, followed by rain. I could feel the cold burst of air rushing by and it reminded me of the weeks preceding Halloween, sharp and cold—not the cool breeze you would expect for a nice spring evening. I checked the weather on my phone, and sure enough, another storm is rolling in. Temperatures early the next morning were forecast at 37 degrees. Summer fun? Not today.

Tantalizing Food Trucks

Tantalizing Food Trucks 8

There’s something special about a chef on a food truck. When Kevin McIntosh decided to give up truck driving, he knew he liked food and wanted to cook for people, but he also loved interacting with the people enjoying his food. That’s why operating a food truck was a perfect fit for him.

Sometimes Angels Wear Badges

Sometimes Angels Wear Badges 1

Last September, a call came into the Garden City, Idaho, police dispatch of a structure fire in the vicinity of 52nd and Remington streets. Detective James O’Gorman and Officer Danny Pierce were the first responders on the scene.
The front of the trailer was already engulfed in flames when the officers heard screams emanating from the inside. Jaime Randall, who lived in the house with his five dogs, were struggling with the smoke.

Take Me Out to the Lost and Found

Take Me Out to the Lost and Found 3

Staring at the clock, I counted down the seconds until school was out. The last click, the bell would ring, and the boundaries would melt away. Summer had arrived. Gone were divisions by age or subject. No more recess that always felt a little too short. No more shoes! I could spend my time relaxing, casual in a swimsuit and shorts, playing with the kids in my neighborhood. Whether it was the exhilaration of riding bikes, playing tag, selling Kool-Aid, or running through freezing sprinklers, there was always something exciting happening on those bright, happy days.

Man and Women of the Year Campaign

Man and Women of the Year Campaign 5

After 10 weeks of fundraising, the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society’s Idaho and Montana Branch commemorated the Man and Woman of the Year campaign with a grand finale celebration. This year’s winners were Shaun Buck and Heather Harrington.

July 2017 Around Town

July 2017 Around Town 1

The Community Planning Association of Southwest Idaho announced Tom Laws, associate planner—bicycle and pedestrian, has received the American Trails 2017 Outstanding Trail Leader Award for Idaho, presented by American Trails. This award honors one individual per state each year. Laws received the award at the International Trails Symposium in Dayton, Ohio.

Watermelon Cooler

Watermelon Cooler

Watermelon is the iconic summer fruit. If you love watermelon and want to try something new, this refreshing watermelon cooler is quick and tasty. You can also freeze this recipe in ice cube trays to add a flavor burst to your other summer beverages.

Worthy Reads

Worthy Reads 1

A Man Called Ove is a heartwarming read about a grumpy, crotchety, mean old man whom you instantly create a soft spot for in your heart; despite how much he loathes people who don’t drive Saabs. This funny, thoughtful and endearing story follows a man named Ove (pronounced Oo-vah) who believes there is nothing worthwhile about life since the passing of his wife; and not in a depressed way but in a matter-of-fact that’s-just-the-way-it-is way. Until that is, a rowdy and foreign family moves in next door, knocking over his mailbox with their trailer. They end up causing him more grief than he finds appropriate and in turn, he realizes there is more left to live in his life than he originally thought. This book is a fun, easy read that will leave you with a smile on your face and warmth in your heart and is definitely a worthy read.

July 2017 Driver’s Notebook

July 2017 Driver's Notebook

BMW does not disappoint in releasing the 2017 X3 xDrive35i, a Sport Activity Vehicle (SAV) with potential for a family road trip or track day. With four different drive modes, the ease of moving from city to mountains is seamless. The default comfort mode relaxes the throttle for everyday driving. For those eco-friendly drivers, the Eco-pro mode is, even more, fuel efficient by shifting at a lower RPM.

Bogus Basin Blooms with Summer Recreation

Bogus Basin Blooms with Summer Recreation 2

Summer is a beautiful time in the Treasure Valley with its long, sunny days and variety of outdoor pursuits, but it can also get blazing hot. Many people flock to rivers and reservoirs to cool off, and others head up in elevation.