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Getaway 5

No Airfare Required

Thirty years ago Susan Camille—now Susan Roghani—the founder of Idaho’s premier, award-winning beauty and wellness company Camille Beckman promised to build her loyal gift shop customers a small tea room where people could come and discuss various topics.

“My husband and I always wanted a community gathering place where people could come and talk about things like politics, religion and have social dialogue,” Roghani says.

Now drive into the parking lot of where Camille Beckman sits—located off State Highway 44 and Rosebud Lane in Eagle—go past the main building, and you will find another structure. It sits stately, regal, yet unassuming like a grand European estate. You could easily imagine a well-coifed James Bond dining there with a beautiful Bond girl on his arm. Luckily, for Treasure Valley residents, this European-fashioned edifice is simply a reservation call away, and you need not use frequent flyer miles.

Chateau de Fleurs officially opened in October of 2015, after being constructed in only one year, and is a destination escape for all five senses. Inside it houses Le Coq d’Or restaurant, an elegantly and tastefully designed French- and European-inspired feast for the eyes and palate. Its richly colored walls, magnificently painted framed art by acclaimed artist Mark Lajos, crisply pressed damask table linens and diamond-like chandeliers lend to the romantic and comfortable ambiance.

Meeting with Roghani and her daughter, Roshan, who runs the product development side of Camille Beckman, it is clear this is an all-encompassing family business. Roghani’s husband, Foad, and Roshan’s husband, Danish, as well as close friends and relatives, have a part in the work, success and joy of seeing The Chateau take flight.

Though it is much more than a venue, The Chateau and Le Coq d’Or provide the opportunity for those who cannot travel to an exotic European locale to enjoy the same feeling, emotion, tastes and views. Roshan explained that for a great many of her circle of influence, life gets in the way of voyaging outside the country, so the aesthetics of the restaurant were vital in giving people the same sensation.

“The thing that makes The Chateau so exciting is people can come here and have their own experience,” Roshan says. “You not only get to be in a beautiful space, but you can create your own experience with it.”

The restaurant menu reads like poetry with dishes covering the flavors of regions in France, Italy and Greece along with Middle Eastern influences. When the gardens behind The Chateau are in full swing, its bounty of vegetables, herbs and even flowers can be found in the dishes served. Roghani and Roshan are emphatic about sustainability, supporting local business, giving back to the earth and providing a Zen-like quality to anyone who walks through the doors. Stress leaves your body walking into the foyer alone.

Every part of the restaurant and main structure, from the ornate doors–one of which is 400 years old—interior and exterior design, wall coverings and the small to large-sized event rooms has been plotted, planned and made a reality by Roghani and her team. In the garden walkway, Roghani and daughter say there is a design weaved together in the form of a cross, peace sign and crescent. Oh! Did I mention the artesian well on the premises too?

Since opening their doors, they have served the French ambassador and held weddings, anniversaries, various tea parties and the mayor of Eagle’s inaugural speech. Roshan says she even hosted a yoga class in one of the rooms. Though the pricing of Le Coq d’Or’s menu is comparable to other high-end restaurants in the Treasure Valley, if you look at the entire realm of the experience, service, food and wine quality with this selection, there is no comparison. The Roghanis even have bottles of their new wines on the shelf.

The funny thing is, while I was interviewing Roghani and Roshan, it dawned upon me I had written a fictional story awhile back of a restaurant which I always imagined I would go to one day encompassing some of the same nuances of a multitude of European countries under one roof. Though I was born with the traveling bug, I can say with The Chateau and Le Coq d’Or just a short drive away I can quell the bug and feel like a Bond girl—all without losing my luggage or dealing with the TSA.