The Science and Artistry of Coffee Roasting

Colin Seeley will tell you that coffee doesn’t have to taste like salted caramel or vanilla beans. In fact, he’ll insist that coffee is best enjoyed in its purest form. Started in June of 2015, Seeley’s company, Ironside Coffee Roasters, set out to bring high-quality coffee to Boise. With a background in food science, he approaches coffee roasting on a scientific level but with an artistic touch. The beans are sourced in the most ethical way, and sometimes even come from a single farm to achieve a unique and specific flavor.

Coffee derives from a delicate process, and few extra seconds in the roaster could affect the final taste of the bean. Like winemaking, the nuances of a coffee flavor come from both the product and how you treat the product. A great coffee bean can be ruined if not roasted properly, and Ironside takes great care in creating a distinct roast. From there, it’s left to the brewing process to achieve the perfect cup, and every drinker may define that differently.

In addition to roasting and selling beans, Ironside serves shoppers a fresh pour-over at the Capital Market in downtown Boise and also provides personal delivery to homes and offices. For some small offices around town, Seeley helps its coffee drinkers achieve the best possible coffee experience by suggesting top notch brewing equipment based on a price point, setting the grinder to the ideal grind, and he will even come back periodically to make sure everything is up to speed. Seeley realized that “office coffee” has never had a good reputation, but slugging down that brown water and powdered cream may be the only option when you need a little caffeine to get you through the afternoon. He believes that coffee should be enjoyable, whether at the office or home and is helping to educate the Treasure Valley in tasting the difference. Finding the right roast that suits your personality will change how you think about coffee. For retail purchase, find bags of Ironside Coffee at stores including the Boise Co-op and the Boise Bench Market, or through food delivery services such as Brown Box Organics.