Gems in the Gem State 7

Some people have natural talent in most everything they touch. Others may need to cultivate and develop it, and still there are those who have raw talent but have no idea they do.

Sisters Dee Dee Emery and Holly Curry claim they were never crafty types, even though Curry to date has been knitting for over 30 years now. In their home state of Nevada, their older sister Lorrie was the craft maker, eventually turning little sisters Emery, and Curry on to the DIY bandwagon.

“Once I moved to Idaho,” says Emery, “Holly and I started a tradition 17 years ago of meeting two weeks before Christmas to make each other stuff, hang out and then always going shopping afterward.” Where did they get their inspiration from? “We would see things in magazines and put our own twist on them” chimes, Emery.

Her crafts soon landed in The Willow Tree store in Kuna. Beginning with simple storage, decorative boxes, picture frames, and items with an old-world feel, soon she was selling goods in The Country Sampler magazine as well. Though nowadays Emery has turned to Facebook to sell her goods, she basically still makes things she likes, but are also well-liked by the market she caters to.

Curry also sold some of her items in Kuna as well, but initially, selling wasn’t her motivation for knitting. “Originally, I wanted to learn how to do it so I could make hats and stuff for my kids when they were little. Then it turned into something that is a meditation type thing where I love to do it.” Curry claims her and Emery, in earlier days, had a little online store called The Hobbit Shed, but due to some name infringement issues from the entity which owns the rights to the name “The Hobbit” they needed to cease using the moniker. Though Curry decided to pull back on trying to sell her items, her love for making and giving homemade gifts is only part of her motivation. She just loves crafting things to make her home, well, homey.

Now throw into the mix Curry’s husband, Chan, who apparently Curry had no idea how handy he was, nor did he know she was crafty as well, until after they were married. Chan who had a background in construction remodeled and built their home in Houston, Idaho practically from the ground up. If he didn’t know how to do something he read up on it. “I have always been a do-it-yourselfer,” states Chan. “I don’t like paying someone to do things I know I can do.” From the floors to countertops, cabinetry and even the custom dresser he built, his workmanship is stunning. Coupled with the fact Chan had inherited turquoise from his father and thus another entity Sky Stone Creations was born.

Though Chan got away from the stones to concentrate his efforts on redoing the house, he has been back at it steadily for about three years. Creating elegant, yet bold, sterling silver and turquoise rings, necklaces, and earrings to which he always evolves his technique. Though exclusively sold through word of mouth and his Facebook page, Chan hopes to expand Sky Stone Creations.