Getting Healthy

My sole purpose for the last 18 years has been to help people lead a healthier life and my daily endeavors contribute towards this mission. How you achieve healthy living is down to your preferences and goals. All I can do is deliver the information you need to help you choose your own direction. How do I define healthy living?

+ Becoming conscious of the food that you consume
+ Only using supplements which are prop 65 act certified of heavy 
metals, BSCG tested of banned substances and 3rd party batch 
tested that are naturally flavored and colored.
+ Participating in activity to sustain a constant state of fitness and 
health to be fully functional and to prolong quality of life
+ Being mentally stimulated, happy and fulfilled by your lifestyle

We can expand on these topics, but these are the core values which define healthy living. So many important things have been lost over the years in the “healthy living message”, which people are now suffering for. We see more people dealing with bad relationships with food, not enjoying their exercise, being confused about what to do, and with more contradiction than ever is it any wonder that the world is becoming an unhealthier place by the year?

Below I have listed some options for activity that will encourage 2017 as a year of achievement instead of an inconvenience.


CrossFit has gained an enormous following over recent years and along the way it has also suffered a lot of negativity. For sure, like in any discipline, there are bad practitioners, but in the right hands, CrossFit is a great way for anyone to become healthier and more functional. Its intensity makes it an efficient way to churn your way through calories and give your lungs the workout they need. Socially, CrossFit is great because it is community-based which a lot of people benefit from. It’s very common that people avoid exercise because of a lack of support or confidence; so being a part of something bigger such as the CrossFit community is only to help fix this issue.

The Benefits of Doing Crossfit:

+ The exercises you do within CrossFit are largely “compound” moves, which mean they recruit more muscle fibers and demand more from your energy systems. The aftermath of this is heightened energy expenditure and an oxygen deficit. It’s possible that recovery time could take up to an entire day. This also spikes your metabolism!
+ The intensity of the circuit style training means that you spend a lot of time moving in and out of your aerobic and anaerobic energy systems. This helps develop your VO2Max and anaerobic threshold, making you a more rounded athlete. By increasing performance in these fields your lungs and heart will become healthier and conditioned with improvement to your breathing. If you’re looking for a route to a leaner, more muscular body with the added health benefits, CrossFit could be the way to go.

The demanding nature of CrossFit means that you will require certain things as part of your diet:

    + High protein to boost recovery
+ Enough carbohydrates to sustain performance and energy.

Below is a sample meal plan I would recommend for somebody 
who’s practicing CrossFit:

Meal 1 – 1/2 cup of oats, ½ banana, a handful of blueberries and 1 
scoop of RE-KAGED Protein Powder.

Meal 2 – 6oz of chicken breast, 5 oz sweet potato wedges, large 
mixed green leaf salad with 1 avocado

Meal 3 – 6oz of salmon, ½ cup sticky rice, 1 bowl of kale and spinach

Meal 4 – 6oz turkey, 1 whole egg, 5oz of sweet potato mash and 
large mixed green salad

Meal 5 – 6oz beef fillet, ½ cup Quinoa, 1 cup full of broccoli

Meal 6 – 1 serving of KAGED MUSCLE KASEIN


This is a high protein diet which contains a lot of natural energy from low GI carbs and healthy fat. There’s also lots of fiber, necessary for healthy digestion. Finally, there’s a healthy amount of phytonutrients, micronutrients and antioxidants for your immune system to cope with the stress of CrossFit. This is a highly intensive, energy demanding sport, so your diet needs to reflect that.


If we go to the complete opposite end of the spectrum and pick something more relaxing and attainable to more people, yoga is another great form of activity to keep you healthy. Just like Crossfit, I do yoga myself to keep flexible and remain injury free. It’s also a very therapeutic practice which allows your mind to shut off from the outside world and focus on yourself, lower cortisol and become more in touch with your soul. Like Crossfit, it is largely community-based which makes it the perfect activity for someone who likes to have support around them and a source of encouragement.

The main reasons why I like yoga as a form of exercise:


+ The control needed to develop and sustain some of the routines means that the core is always worked. This becomes an amazing foundation for a strong core, which significantly reduces the risk of injuries, especially the back. From a personal perspective, it also helps develop your abdominal muscles, so you appear more toned.

+ While it’s a far less energy intensive activity compared to something like Crossfit, don’t be fooled. It can still make you burn plenty of calories with the static holds and constant engagement of muscles to keep a stable position.

+Everybody today needs to become more flexible because most of us are sitting every day for far too long creating all sorts of imbalances within our posterior chain. This makes us vulnerable to injuries and posture issues. Yoga is widely used by the world’s most elite sportsmen, including rugby and NFL players for this very reason!

Just like CrossFit, the exercise is only half the battle. The results come from your diet; if yoga is your main physical outlet, then your diet will need to be adjusted accordingly. Here is a sample diet:

Meal 1 – 4oz of low-fat Greek yogurt, ½ cup of blueberries and ½ 
serving of RE-KAGED

Meal 2 – 5oz of tofu, large green leaf salad with sugar-free 
balsamic dressing

Meal 3 – 4oz of smoked salmon, 3 scrambled egg whites on 1 slice 
of Ezekiel bread

Meal 4 – 3 egg whites, 2 whole eggs, 1 bowl of kale and spinach 
with 3 baby tomatoes

Meal 5 – 5oz of cod, stir fry vegetables and ½ cup of rice noodles

Meal 6 – 1 serving of KASEIN

This diet is still high in protein however the energy count is far lower here because your requirements are less. There’s still focus on micronutrients, phytonutrients and antioxidants to boost health.

Outdoor Leisure

Growing up in rural Wales, I loved to get outside on my bike or go hiking whenever I could. These days while living in Boise, I do the same.  Along with that, I also love to go for a swim in the stunning lakes which surround us. These are all leisure activities available to all of us that can be a lot of fun and amount to a lot of exercise without noticing it.

This is something I always try and encourage people to do more of – leisure activities they enjoy that don’t really feel like exercise. Basketball, tennis, golf, softball, soccer and other team activities can be socially rewarding while keeping you accountable. During the summer I often go hiking within the Sawtooths with a few friends. I always have an amazing time, and without thinking about it, I can easily burn well over 1,500 calories with the hike. Do the same. Exercise doesn’t always have to feel like a regimented activity.

Kris Gethin