Telaya Winery 5

Modern Winemaking Tethered to Tradition

Before Earle Sullivan, along with his wife Carrie, committed his life to the art of winemaking, he was traveling 280 days out of the year as the COO of a pharmaceuticals company.  He wanted to spend time with his two boys, while still engaging in an intellectually stimulating career. Everything he’s done since then has been purposeful in innovating the wine process and bringing it into the community. The brand new Telaya building, opened in February 2016, is utilitarian but built to beautifully blend into the Garden City community. It is located right along the Boise greenbelt on 32nd Street adjacent to The Riverside Hotel. Designed with approachability in mind, you’ll find traveling businessmen from the nearby hotels, after-work groups enjoying a glass before heading home or friends gathering to enjoy the full wine tasting experience.

Telaya boasts modern facilities with top-of-the-line equipment to ensure a high-quality product, but pays heed to traditional methods – after all, the process of winemaking has essentially remained the same for thousands of years. Sullivan seeks to create the best possible wine and currently produces only 4,000 cases a year; he will never make more than 5,000 cases a year because, for him, quality trumps quantity. Using French Oak barrels, Sullivan is passionate about the nuanced texture and balanced flavor that this specialty, air-dried woods adds to the wine.

The first type of wine Sullivan ever made was a Syrah, so in seeking to tribute their own traditions, Telaya produces a different Syrah-blend as its flagship wine each year. This blend, which is always the best of the vintage each year, is called Turas, which means journey. As Idaho wine progresses, more consumers are discovering that Boise is quickly becoming a winery destination. Telaya is excited to continue refining its own product while being in the front-row seats as more craftsmen bring their talents to the Treasure Valley.