Goodbye Summer, Hello Autumn

I’ll say it again—Hello Boise! And welcome to October.

When you think of this particular month, what comes to mind? Perhaps it’s the spookiness of Halloween and the idea of Boise’s little rugrats dressed up this year’s popular icons knocking on your doors for a sweet treat.

Or maybe it’s the frantic thought that the time is ticking away to find those perfect holiday gifts for your favorite people.

But here at Boise Lifestyle, we only have one thing—okay, two things—on our minds this month: Sports and refreshments.

If you dig a little deeper into this month’s issue, you’ll see why. Part of it is because of a Boise program that wholeheartedly embraces aging and athletics: the Master’s Track and Field program sponsored by the Boise Downtown YMCA. Flip on over to page xx to read about the program, its founder Jack Ward, and two of the program’s members—Pat Fujii and Angela Kerber.

But don’t forget the refreshments.

As part of our “Beer and Wine” theme, we’ve included a profile highlighting the rise of Idaho winemakers and Cinder Winery—a winery in the “wine and beer district” of Garden City that was established in 2006. Find out why founder Melanie Krause compares making wine to making soup over on page xx.

Also included this issue is an easy and handy DIY project and a pickle recipe to use up the last of your summer cucumbers.

Have a great October, Boise, and as always, thanks for letting us share our great community with you every month.


Until next time,