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Your experience with investing is simple; everyone makes money on your money except you.  And you are convinced this is the way it has to be.  Wall Street has its hands in everything; your savings, your investments, your financial security, and your goals.  But everyone tells you that you must invest the way you do and hope the result will be different.  This is insanity.

You are right, Wall Street does help create many successful people.  People who are willing to use you to make gains for themselves.  Wall Street feeds on weak, emotional, and hopeless investors who will do what they are told and pay fees for others to take their money.  You’ve wished you had the time, or interest, to do something about it, but are stuck in a loop.  The best action you’ve made is to turn your head and look away.

My name is Alex Lundgren, I am not your average financial advisor.  I am your way out of the loop.  I am your educator and your guardian.  I helped designed the Tree City Advisors’ Financial Independence Training (FIT) program.  I work with you to design a purposeful financial strategy, then I show you how to manage it.  I give investors more than savings on fees, I give them confidence to know they are free from the grip of Wall Street.  I believe no other financial firm takes this type of approach with their clients.

The first process of FIT is to assess where you are, where you have been, and where you are headed.  I will expose and stop the damage of excessive fees, commissions, and hidden charges to your financial life.  I will help you clean up the toxic and costly financial world you have and replace it with something designed to be purposeful and for you.  I will help you reduce costs by training you to do the management so you can fire your costly financial “professionals” and remove fee laden investments from your accounts.  Even better; by the time we finish, you will be empowered, strong, and in control.

If you own mutual funds or have a financial consultant, you are likely paying at least 1% per year, too much.  On a $100,000, this is $1,000 per year.  Over 20 years, you will have paid $20,000 for nothing.  I help investors who are ready to stop this.  When you are ready to make an investment in yourself, call me.  I will help you keep what is yours.  I will address your goals, establish targets, create a strategy for all of your insurance, estate, and investment needs, and I will help you understand how to manage it all.