The Men's Edition

The month of July brings our Men’s Edition—and also a great chance to celebrate the men in your life, whether they are friends, fathers, brothers, partners, colleagues, cousins, or anyone in between. We have some great content this month that our male (and female) readers might enjoy, such as do-it-yourself car repair tips, a review of a BMW, and a discussion of the merits of outdoor kitchens, as well as a few stories from the perspectives of prominent men in the Treasure Valley.

I hope you enjoy our story by Boisean Kurt Koontz, who walked one million steps on the historic El Camino de Santiago in Spain and received a few life lessons along the way, as well as one irritating blister. Kurt’s story reminds us that sometimes the simple act of walking can help solve many of life’s unanswered questions.

Another great story is Ken Levy’s interview with Amherst Madison Legacy Real Estate’s Nick Schlekeway, who weighs in on the recent and significant growth in the Boise area and predicts that growth will continue for five to ten years.

So take some time this month to celebrate the men in your life, but don’t forget what they say: “Behind every great man…”