Style, Function and Form 2

Ethan Allen’s full design experience

There is no project too small for Boise’s Ethan Allen Design Center, whether a client is looking to create a whole new look for their home or simply needs a new sofa. “We have clients who come in and are looking for something very specific, like new upholstery” says President Jane Cliff. “Other clients come in and know that they want to totally re-do their space.”

While working with customers to identify why they’ve come into Ethan Allen, Cliff and her six-person design team often find that going out to do a home visit is an essential part of the process. “It gives us a way to look at the space and make sure what we’re doing will fit and be the right style, function, and form,” she explains. “It allows us to do our job better. We get out to the home and the process develops from there.”

Cliff says what starts out as a simple desire for a new sofa often morphs into new layers of projects once clients begin working with Ethan Allen’s talented team of designers. “Even if a client can’t afford the whole look at once, we come up with a master plan that includes a space plan, finishes, and styles so they have a wish list. We go to the home, look at floor plans and measure, discuss design influences, fabrics, colors, and even custom bedding and pillows,” Cliff says. “It all depends on a client’s needs and their budget.”

The design staff at Ethan Allen Design Center of Boise are all educated designers, and Cliff says that’s one thing that sets Ethan Allen apart from similar stores in the industry. “They’re concerned about a client’s budget and what works within their home and family,” she says. “We don’t want to sell them what’s not going to work. It’s more than just selling furniture, it’s about building a relationship and creating a space that they’re going to love.”

Cliff says that since she and her design team strive to sell an entire experience instead of just a commodity, home transformations often warrant before and after photos and stories. A few of those before/after shots are featured on these pages. “We design all kinds of homes, rooms, and spaces,” says Cliff. “No project is too small or too unimportant and we don’t want the process to be intimidating. We’re branded and we’re quality, but we don’t want to be unattainable. Our creative juices are what keeps us going. We are motivated by pleasing our customers and getting to create something for them.”