It's Finally Here - Summer!

It seems sometimes that summer will never come.  Long winter days and winter coats on cold blistery days are so far removed from our longing for nice, warm weather.

I can recall my school days when I’d look out the window at the playground and wonder if summer would ever come.  But, of course, it finally did.  Summer brings the promise of swimming pools, playing during extra long days of sunshine, fresh corn on the cob and sleeping in late.

Even now I get that feeling of excitement when I feel winter turn to spring with the promise of summer ahead.  Here in Idaho there is so much to do!  Cycling with the warm sun on your skin and being able to do so until nearly 10pm!  Floating the Boise River, planned rafting trips down one of Idaho’s waiting rivers, camping in the mountains with hot days and a jacket still needed at night.  Alive After Five anyone?

I know you have favorite summer activities that keep you smiling, too. So here’s to summer 2016!  And Mom told me to remind you, don’t forget the sunscreen.

Many Blessings,