Happy Hair 4

A Hallmark of Tri-State Beauty

There’s an old saying in the beauty business that no matter how the economy is doing, beauty products will always be in demand. Locally, family owned and operated Tri-State Beauty has proved that adage true. During its 47 years in Boise’s Hillcrest Shopping Center, the valley’s most trusted retail beauty supply store has seen a lot of economic ups and downs, and it’s still going strong.

Part of the reason is the more than 10,000 high-end products they sell. To name just a few, Pureology, Redken and Paul Mitchell for your hair, Amino Genesis and Pharma Gel for your skin, and the entire Mirabella makeup line. There are specially-formulated children’s hair care lines that contain no-phosphates, and their extensive collection of men’s hair care products includes everything you need to keep that mustache and beard waxed, oiled, trimmed and looking good. They’ve even got the latest tools to make shaving your head quick, easy and safe.

When the store opted for a larger location out front at the mall in 1996, manager Lyndee Mitchell decided to expand their high-end salon. In addition to some of the finest stylists in town, they also offer a full menu of nail care. She also added another dimension.

“I started thinking back to when I ran my own salons,” she recalls. “We brought in accessories like jewelry and clothes and different things and did pretty well with them. So I started watching the trends, and picked up some jewelry, handbags, and hats. We sold hats like there was no tomorrow. People are still looking for bling in a big way and that’s moving really well right now.”

Are you one of those people who tries a new shampoo and conditioner every few weeks and has a giant collection of half-empty bottles cluttering up your bathroom, and you’re hair is still not happy? Then you definitely need to pay a visit to Tri-State. You won’t find a more knowledgeable sales staff in the valley, thanks to the ongoing educational training they get from product manufacturers several times a year.

“Most people are pretty particular about their beauty products,” says Lyndee. “At Tri-State we listen to what you’re saying, get to know your likes and dislikes, any problems you’re having, and then we explain how each different product works and help you make a choice that will keep your hair happy for a long time.”

Price is always a factor, and Tri-State’s regular monthly sales help keep even the top-of-the-line products affordable. And then there’s their legendary annual November sale that’s had people lined up out the door for 16 years now. You can keep track of all this on their Facebook page or website, but bottom line, you haven’t shopped beauty products until you’ve shopped Tri-State Beauty.