Spring Has Sprung

I believe the basis of green living is eating good food. And with all the fantastic local produce in the Treasure Valley, there’s no reason we shouldn’t be eating good food. One of my favorite parts of spring is getting some dirt beneath my fingernails and planting my own garden. It seems like a small miracle every time a tiny seedling pops its head above the soil and I’m continually amazed that a packet full of seeds can turn into the makings of a gourmet dinner in a relatively short period of time.

Whether you enjoy saying hi to your favorite farmer at the farmers market or prefer admiring the morning dew on your very own asparagus plant, I hope you enjoy our feature story on the Boise Co-op, whose presence is central to Boise’s local food culture. And it’s not just the Co-op that’s benefiting from local shopper’s dollars. The numerous farmers, ranchers, and producers who supply the Co-op with high quality goods benefit as well. They are the ones doing the hard work of turning seeds and soil into food.

So shop at the Co-op. Visit the farmers market. Grow your own garden. Let’s support our vibrant local food community and reap the many benefits together.