I remember the first time I was moved by a piece of art. It was 112 degrees in Florence, Italy, and I was waiting in line to see the statue of David. I was not excited, and frankly would have rather been waiting in line for gelato. I had seen what felt like hundreds of sculptures, statues, and pieces of art already that day, and they were all blending together into one big blur of colors and materials that seemed to scream “history” at me as loud as it could.

Finally I was in front of the David statue and was surprised by my response. I stood there slack-jawed, in total awe of David’s beauty, until a fellow traveler nudged me out of the way. I remember being transfixed and contemplating that feeling for the rest of the trip. I even forgot about gelato for the rest of the day.

Pablo Picasso said, “The purpose of art is washing the dust of daily life off our souls.” It’s been a pleasure working on my first issue of the magazine. Perhaps the stories will ignite inspiration for your own artistic endeavors, and maybe you’ll even find yourself coated in a little less dust of daily life.