Bring it On! 1

Oh, January! The holiday rush is nearly over and it’s time to focus on all things new, including the New Year! Traditionally it’s a time for us to make plans, set life-changing goals, and get our closets organized. It can also be a time where some choose to create new and dedicated strategies to work on their fitness and other health related issues.

I gave up traditional resolutions a long time ago! Instead, in the interest of continuing education, I tend to pick a subject to delve into for a year-long independent study project, with the goal of expanding my knowledge about a topic that interests me. Talk about needing dedication!

I’m also devoted to taking care of my overall health – with the goal of being a healthy older person someday – and therefore my fitness. Daily walks have long provided an opportunity to get out, get fresh air, and a sometimes even a new perspective on whatever may be weighing on my mind. When life becomes hectic and busy, or my creativity feels sluggish, heading outdoors to breathe some fresh air with a long trek up one of Boise’s wonderful Ridge to Rivers trails is often just the answer. This past year I experienced a hot yoga class for the first time, and it’s quickly become my newest passion – or obsession – depending on who you ask. Either way, I’m finding it to be a fantastic challenge.

I hope you find inspiration in our January issue! And whatever your plans are for the coming year, I wish you luck! I know you can do it!

Happy Trails,