Bliss After 40

Local Professional Helps Clients Go from Imprisoned to Inspired

Jen Justis has lived a pretty adventurous life, engaging in several careers and volunteer opportunities. From wilderness instructor for at-risk teenagers, to wilderness field medic, to elementary classroom teacher, and now, certified life coach.

She believes her richly diverse background is partly what makes her an effective coach.  Beginning her certification process in the spring of 2014, she launched her business, Bliss After 40, at a retreat in June of last year.

Justis imagines a world where more people are in tune with their strengths and interests, doing work that lights them up, and sharing their gifts with a planet that she believe desperately needs them. She believes too many of us force ourselves into a lifestyle we believe we’re supposed to live, rather than letting our talents and passion guide us toward a fulfilling and authentic life.

Her need to contribute to this particular world is what led her to leave the formal classroom. Justis felt compelled to teach those who are ready to make the shift from imprisoned to inspired how to reconnect with their intuition and create lives they love.

She shares, “I feel my work is a perfect fit for my own strengths and interests and helping others to take responsibility for the quality of life they’re living energizes me. The hardest part for me is seeing the multitude of people who aren’t ready for this shift, those who believe a joyful life is only for ‘special’ people and not for the masses. These people have been tuning out their intuition for so long, they no longer recognize its messages. I truly feel most people live ‘imprisoned’ in their own lives and don’t recognize they have the power to live authentically and with joy.”

Justis believes that coaching is intended to help people become the very best version of themselves. For her, it’s about helping people to see their amazing qualities and break through the limited thinking that holds them back. It’s also holding people accountable to their dreams, cheering them on when they need support, and never letting them give up on themselves.

Many aren’t really sure what a life coach does. Justis considers sharing the message and teaching the public about this profession an unexpected responsibility. She finds reaching people trapped in their own mindset challenging, but knows that coaching won’t make any difference until a person is ready to shift perspective and take full responsibility.

She’s concerned that there are also many coaches who are not certified and often misrepresent the profession of coaching. Justis thinks it’s important to partner with a professional who is a trained expert in coaching methods if you are seeking the benefits of a coaching relationship.

Justis’s own coaching style is completely client-driven. “Many coaches follow a formula and put all clients through the same set of steps. One of my strengths is seeing each person as completely individual, with a unique learning style. As a result, I develop with my clients a tailored program based totally on the client’s agenda.”