Making A Difference 8

Design Matters


Rob Sower is dedicated to making a difference. Whether it’s for his real estate clients, or the youth group that he and his wife work with, he’s all in!

Sower got his start as a realtor in 2010. He always loved houses, but never imagined he’d would be a realtor. He initially was very excited about purchasing homes and remodeling them for his investment portfolio. He liked the idea of taking something that needs work, and applying a vision and improving it.

He’s an award winning interior designer with over 14 years of professional experience in the commercial and residential design industry. He received his Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Interior Planning and Design from the University of Idaho in 1995, as well as minors in both art and architecture. After receiving his degree, he went on to pass the NCIDQ (National Council for Interior Design Qualification) Exam to be designated a certified interior designer by national standards. Sower has also studied abroad in Rome, Italy, through Penn State University’s architecture program.

Sower has worked at some of the best design firms in Boise including Hummel Architects, Sprague Solutions, and Strite design + remodel. While gaining this great design experience, he has more importantly learned the value of teamwork and customer service. By working on a wide variety of projects ranging from small interior color and material schemes to full design services of multi-million dollar homes, he’s been able to bring a unique and valuable skill set to the real estate experience.

While at Strite design + remodel, he had the opportunity to work with people to help them improve their home in one way or another. He liked that every project was different due to the home, but also due to the people involved. Everyone had their own wants, needs, desires and budget. Not only that, but they had certain perceptions and paradigms about expectations, communication and the process. Sower loved going through all of that with clients, helping them navigate through it all, and reading between the lines to find out what they really wanted but had a tough time putting to words. He had no idea how similar that process was to real estate until he was forced to reconsider the design profession in 2008.

Sower recalls, “As the market began to deteriorate, the people that would typically call us for remodeling were holding tight. Ultimately I had no choice but to leave the remodel and design profession to support my family. I had no idea what I was going to do, but felt a pull towards real estate in some capacity. I told my wife I was thinking about getting my license and becoming a realtor so that I could learn the process and contracts to be a better investor. She asked when the next licensing classes started and I replied, ‘Tomorrow.’ She encouraged me to move forward, so I did.”

Sower obtained his license in 2010 and started on his own at Keller Williams. He felt they were the only choice due to their strong commitment to culture. After being on his own for about six months, he was asked to interview with Lysi Bishop’s team for either new construction or a buyer’s agent. He jumped at the opportunity and began working in new construction in the Harris Ranch development.

“Being on Lysi’s team is probably the only reason I am where I am today,” Sower says. “She taught me so much in every way and I regularly look back on that experience to guide me in my day-to-day operations. I am so thankful to have had the opportunity of working closely with her and her team.”

In 2013, Sower decided to take the next step and start his own team. So began Sower Real Estate. He’s very proud to say that in 2014 his production was number three for Keller Williams Realty Boise for individual agent production. That’s for about 500 agents, most of which are individual.

When asked, Sower feels his background in design and remodeling are pretty important tangible qualities for a realtor. He believes firmly in the power of a well-staged house.

“Marketing consistency and branding are huge to me and that translates into successful sales for my clients. It also helps me to guide them through something that is either a big deal, or maybe something small but feels big to them. That remodeling experience has been tremendously helpful from time to time.”

On a more intangible level, he believes his ability to read between the lines with people sets him apart.

“You have to really listen to what people are telling you, but even more important to what they aren’t telling you. Then you have to find out why – ask good questions to help them really know what is best. Don’t jump to any conclusions, but stay curious and seek first to understand.”

Sower definitely believes in the power of what he’s doing.

“The pluses are being able to work with people and helping them accomplish such an important task. Buying and selling a home is not just a big financial deal, but it’s huge emotionally, too.  I love that I get to be a person’s true advocate all along that process. To actually be a fiduciary for them and promote their best interests. Even if they don’t always want to hear what I have to say. I think the other pluses are being in an industry where I can literally grow my team as large as possible and provide opportunities for others to improve their lives. I love that.”