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Foothills Med Spa

Rebekah Guy M.D. has always had a keen interest in aesthetics and health. Recognizing a need for a medical spa with hands on physician involvement in Boise, Dr. Guy opened Foothills Med Spa in June. Medical spas typically provide products and procedures for treating hyper-pigmentation (sun spots), fine lines, wrinkles, loss of facial volume and other unwanted aging concerns.

Unlike other med spas, Foothills Med Spa has a physician on site. An integral part of Foothills Med Spa, Dr. Guy provides direct clinical oversight. She ensures her clients get the results they want and provides a higher level of care by doing the injection therapies herself.  Additionally, she researches new therapies such as platelet rich plasma therapy and trains her team of certified licensed aestheticians. Foothills Med Spa also focuses on weight loss and overall health and offers botox parties.  Dr. Guy brings the latest medical technology to the practice of aesthetics.

“Our mission is to help clients look and feel their best,” states Dr. Guy. “We assess each client’s needs and desires, and then implement a plan that will benefit them both now and in the future. We perform exhaustive research to offer the best in class treatment solutions.”

“We believe that health and wellness come from inside; sometimes the exterior needs a little extra help,” states Guy. “Rachel, a younger client, had mild acne. We did a complimentary consultation with her and decided that chemical peels would be a great start to clearing up her skin. We also recommended SkinMedica skincare for her at-home regimen. Rachel wrote us about her results, ‘My skin has benefitted so much from my very first chemical peel. The tone, texture and clarity of my skin continues to improve. I always look forward to my next treatment at Foothills Med Spa.’”

Dr. Guy received her medical degree at the University of South Alabama. After interning at Baptist Hospital-Princeton, she completed a three-year residency in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation at Spain Rehabilitation Hospital at the University of Alabama Birmingham, followed by additional advanced training in spinal injections at the Alabama Orthopedic Center.  She is board certified in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation. A Boise resident, Dr. Guy has been practicing as a physician in the Treasure Valley for eight years but has been involved with medicine for most of her life.

“My father was a small town physician, so I grew up working with him in his office,” shares Guy. “He was the type of family doctor who did everything from delivering babies to taking out an appendix.  He loved to teach so I spent many summers working in his office or following him around the hospital, seeing everything to do with medicine, from the mundane to the most extraordinary.  He taught me that truly caring for patients requires more than just knowing the science of medicine.”

The team at Foothills Med Spa is dedicated to providing individualized care with a focus on safety and privacy so clients feel re-energized and revitalized.