The 	Future is Now

Mia Paulus Makes Virtual Administration a Reality

Nine years ago, Mia Paulus was a hardworking accountant with a revolutionary idea that she couldn’t get out of her mind.

“I started on my own back in 2006,” explains Paulus. “I had this business idea back then. I invested thousands of dollars in some software, but it just didn’t do what I wanted it to do. People weren’t ready for it.”

Then the Great Recession struck with a vengeance. Businesses were laying off employees left and right.

“I think that smart phones have made people less afraid of technology and less afraid to step out of the box,” says Paulus.” A lot of businesses downsized during 2008 and now they want to grow in a different way. The Millennial generation doesn’t want to have to worry about managing a bunch of employees. The software and internet speeds are finally there so they can outsource the admin they need.”

As Paulus watched the business world evolve, she dove back into her virtual administration business plan, and two years ago The Admin Center was created.

“We offer enterprise services for businesses of all sizes,” notes Paulus. “We are actually working with people who have franchises and with small businesses. We take the headache on.”

Taking on the headache of both front and back office means that businesses have more time to concentrate on their primary focus growing their business and increasing revenue.

Paulus works hard to ensure the Admin Center is the very best company that it can be.

“I’m definitely the non-traditional CEO. I have six kids,” Paulus says with a laugh. “We always fall short somewhere. Anyone who needs a more flexible situation would be a good fit. We feel like we can bless the lives of not only those who work for us, but also the businesses that we work with.”

“I prayed for many years that I could be a stay-at-home mom,” Paulus remembers. “It wasn’t ever a possibility.”

As Paulus geared up to start The Admin Center, occasionally she had doubts.

“When I was pregnant with my 20 month old, I was crying and told myself, ‘I don’t want to do this anymore,’ but I felt prompted to continue. I want to build this company. I’ve never thought the Admin Center was going to be small. I had to prepare and get the inner strength that I needed to know where we were supposed to go with this company.”

That inner strength and preparation has paid off. Though the Admin Center is a local company, it provides enterprise services for companies across the country from Maryland to California, and this is just the beginning.

“As we grow we will be able to do even more specialized administration,” says Paulus. “We have a partner program where we work with coaches, marketing consultants, financial advisers, lawyers and other consultants.” Paulus has a vision. “From accounting and HR, we aren’t just a bookkeeping company. We want to take it a step further with rerouting invoices and offering enterprise solutions.”

Paulus wants to use her company to support parents who need the flexibility that a virtual office can provide.

“Keep parents parenting is the charity that I want to start that will provide the flexibility they need to provide for themselves and be self-reliant,” Paulus says. “I have a unique situation, and I am creating a company that is non-traditional with technology and video conferencing. I am willing to push the boundaries of what a traditional company should be.”