Quality Water For A Better Life

Local Expert Shares Information about Home Water Softener Systems

How can improving water usage quality make a difference in life? From washing and cleaning, to cooking and bathing, folks use water every day. Imagine having softer skin, fluffier laundry, better tasting water for cooking and drinking and no hard water residue or build-up which cuts down on cleaning time. A high quality water softener may be just the ticket.

Jason Bergsma, a water expert at Kinetico, a local company that has been in the quality water business for more than 30 years, offers some expert information about water softener systems and how water softeners can improve your life.

How do people benefit the most from having a home water system?

Bergsma: The biggest benefits of having a whole home water system is better health. The human body is one of the best filters in the world but after years of filtering foreign substances that hide in water, it can affect the body. Not to mention the time saved from cleaning up after issues with hard water and the wear and tear it takes on a home’s appliances, clothes, dishes and plumbing.

What water issues can water softeners help with?

Bergsma: Almost all the water in the Treasure Valley is classified as very hard. Hardness in the water comes from the rock beds that the water travels through in the aquifers before it is brought to the surface. Most people have experienced the effects of hardness in their hair, skin, clothes and in their household appliances. Hardness is in both city and well water.

The city does a great job at sterilizing the water they push out to the community. It is free from harmful contaminants and diseases, but in processing it to give everybody safe water it has to be chlorinated. Private well water in the valley is usually high in iron. Kinetico has systems that can soften and dechlorinate or remove iron in one pass. Some places in the Treasure Valley have problems with sulfur smell or metallic tastes in their water. These types of problems can also be treated with a quality water softener.

What sets Kinetico apart from other water treatment brands?

Bergsma: Kinetico differs from other brands because we are the only ones that offer a twin-tank non electric system. Our control valves are run by nothing but the kinetics of the water being pushed through it. Not having electronics as part of our system drastically cuts down on maintenance. We can offer a 10 year warranty on these systems which is unheard of at other companies because of electric components.

What do customers love about Kinetico water softeners?

Bergsma: Kinetico customers love the low maintenance of our systems. For the most part, if you change your filter on a regular basis and keep salt in the brine drum, your system will give you years and years of maintenance free life.

Kinetico customers also like knowing that Kinetico is veteran owned and operated and that all the parts of our systems are made in the USA.