Fram Oil Filters and Dentistry

Maintain Your Smile with Your Oral Health Mechanic

A few years ago there was an ad that ran with a trustworthy actor, hands oil stained and strong from years of service repairing his client’s vehicles which were essential to their daily lives. The tag line was “Pay me now or pay me later;” implying attention to maintenance and repair now would be less costly and troublesome than a major overhaul later. Think of your dentist in a similar fashion, but without the greasy knuckles (that image is not what is called a “practice builder”).

Just as you now subconsciously listen to your vehicle and immediately can tell that the new squeak or rattle portends trouble, you have similar alerts to your dental health. Common things do not commonly cause problems. When you notice changes, pain, appearance variations it may be time to see about a dental health check-up. It is also just as important to recognize that the masticatory miles add up, even with the best maintenance. As you transition from the shiny new showroom statue to the vintage classic category, don’t be surprised to hear you need a rebuild of sorts to continue down the highway of life with fewer detours and speed bumps to arrest your progress.

Your dentist is your oral health mechanic. We work with electrical, hydraulics, suspension, joints, body work, finishes, rebuilds, relines and frameworks. We, too, use diagnostic tools and skills to help you keep operating efficiently and smoothly. We ask you to come in for the dental equivalent of “scheduled maintenance” to prevent “breakdowns” and if a problem is discovered you can address it on your own schedule, rather than be left stranded by the side of the road. While we can’t offer “bumper to bumper” warranties, we can help you achieve years of masticatory motoring.

Dr. Jim Pierce has been in dentistry since he was 14 years old, and has been licensed for 26 years. He serves on the Delta Dental of Idaho board. Delta Dental of Idaho is a non-profit organization seeking to improve the dental health of all Idahoans through community outreach programs. For more information, visit