August 2015 Around Town

August 2015 Around Town

After a record-setting year of growth, the Discovery Center of Idaho recently unveiled its newest exhibition, FIZZYOLOGY: The Science Behind Bubbles, presented by the Micron Foundation. This will be the science center’s second consecutive exhibition designed and produced in-house.

Boise Lifestyle’s Summer Social

Boise Lifestyle's Summer Social 6

Guests enjoyed mingling at Franz Witte’s nursery. Delectable hors d’oeuvres provided by Kindness and drinks provided by Payette Brewing Company kept guests well supplied, while Esteban Anastasio set just the right tone with his classical guitar.

Locally grown.

Locally grown. 1

My grandpa was an Idaho farmer who always had a huge garden full of corn, tomatoes, radishes, raspberries and blue ribbon prize winning banana squash. I spent many hot summer days eating strawberries right off the vine while “helping” grandpa husk corn for dinner.

ACT and SAT Preparation

Families here in Boise are beginning to catch up with the East and West Coast trends of ACT and SAT preparation. The leading provider of these services in the Treasure Valley is Huntington Learning Center.

Ending the Tyranny of Tasteless Tomatoes

Ending the Tyranny of Tasteless Tomatoes 1

Behold the lowly tomato. Cast for centuries as nothing more than a common garden vegetable, its true identity as a fruit kept hidden through the ages. Imprisoned by the very vines that gave it life, until ransomed by ripeness. Then shuttered away in case lots and shipped to distant warehouses, only to be crushed, diced, peeled, or worse yet, pureed and stuffed into cans and jars for ignoble display on supermarket shelves. Is it any wonder the tomato suffers from low self-esteem?

Simply Marva-lous

Simply Marva-lous 3

Idaho native Marva Don Card had dreamed of being an interior decorator since she was a teen, and after an extended career detour, opened Decorating Den Interiors three years ago to help clients transform their homes. Born in Caldwell, Card managed a professional medical practice for 28 years and brings many of the skills from that career to her interior design business.

Refugees grow community gardens

Refugees grow community gardens 3

Want to make a difference here in our community? Global Gardens is a non-profit organization dedicated to helping refugees from Somalia, Burundi, Congo and Burma to Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Bosnia and beyond. These refugees are provided with a garden spot on donated land where they can learn agricultural practices and raise food for their families.

I Live Next Door to What’s-His-Name

This month is our street’s annual block party. What shall we bring? Something meatless, of course.
Fortunately there are other vegetarians on our street, so we don’t feel like complete odd balls. But the only way we found that out was by attending a previous block party. That’s where we found out that we have Presbyterians and Libertarians and a few septuagenarians on the block. There’s a band leader, a drama professor, a fudge maker, a former teacher-of-the-year, a cartoonist and two stay-at-home dads. It’s amazing what you can learn about your neighbors when you venture out the front door and share a meal together.

The New Sheriff in Town

The New Sheriff in Town 1

When Stephen Bartlett decided in high school he wanted to make a career in law enforcement, he had two major ambitions.
He wanted to be chief of police in a dynamic city or to be sheriff of a dynamic county.
Thanks to the Ada County Sheriff’s Office, Barlett can say he’s been both.

Grow Your Business with Social Media

Grow Your Business with Social Media

Today things change at a rapid pace. Ninety percent of people use the internet to find business locations. The days of receiving the yellow pages on the front doorstep have dwindled and are nearly nonexistent. People talk about SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and how it is needed; however without a full strategy, including social media, businesses will not get the results anticipated. Social media encompasses numerous angles. For any business, three main points are necessary to drive success. First, directory citation sites like, and

Fram Oil Filters and Dentistry

Fram Oil Filters and Dentistry

A few years ago there was an ad that ran with a trustworthy actor, hands oil stained and strong from years of service repairing his client’s vehicles which were essential to their daily lives. The tag line was “Pay me now or pay me later;” implying attention to maintenance and repair now would be less costly and troublesome than a major overhaul later. Think of your dentist in a similar fashion, but without the greasy knuckles (that image is not what is called a “practice builder”).