One Smile at a Time, On Time 5

Patients Invited to Relax in Comfort

There is something different about Boise Smile Design.
Gone is the usual dental office smell in the over-sized waiting room. Instead the area is smaller, crisp and clean, with a modern, soothing, spa-like vibe.

A new state of the art dental office, Boise Smile Design opened in downtown Boise last year in a contemporary space located in the Zions Bank Building at 8th and Main. Brandon Taylor, DMD took the time to answer questions about what sets Boise Smile Design apart from other dentist offices.

Are you new to the Treasure Valley?

“No, I started practicing in Boise in May of 2002 after study and training at University of Utah and University of Louisville. I also have a practice on Milwaukee in West Boise.”

How did you come up with the name Boise Smile Design?

“Nothing builds confidence like a smile. There are millions of people in this world who are embarrassed to smile because something is lacking. I can’t imagine what it must be like to try to date, interview
for a job, or make a new acquaintance, all while trying to hide your teeth or gums. While I offer full service dentistry my love and passion in my professional life is designing and delivering treatment to
those who are uncomfortable with their smile.”

What makes Boise Smile Design different?

“Simple, we treat only one patient at a time. My patients deserve, expect, and get my undivided attention. No waiting, no wasted time, no wondering if they are being heard, and no distraction during treatment. My patients get my team all to themselves.”

There are a few other things I think patients will notice. We recognize that dental treatment isn’t very fun and try to make our patients as comfortable as possible. We start by taking the time to fully understand any fears a patient may have and addressing them. Patients are pampered with heated paraffin hand wax, massaging dental chairs, televisions on the ceiling, and warm scented towels to freshen and revitalize at the conclusion of each visit.”

What kind of treatment do you provide?

“I provide full service dentistry with special emphasis on cosmetics and implants. I can do most dental procedures in our office and have an incredible dental hygienist for cleanings and treatment of gum disease. I also network with proven dental specialists when necessary. I am an active participant in ongoing education and am most proud of my membership in the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry and my Fellow status with the International Dental Implant Association.”

Who is your ideal patient?

“Boise Smile Design attracts three main types of patients. First, we see a lot of busy people who work downtown and love the get in/get out service we provide. They can avoid losing half a day at work for a routine visit. The second group is a patient looking for something special. Maybe it’s the privacy and attention we can offer or the reputation I have built in cosmetics, complicated treatment like implants, and full mouth makeovers. The other patient we see often is someone who has experienced a traumatic event that left his or her mouth broken. Erasing that damage and making someone whole again is the most rewarding thing I do.”