Every Item Has a Story 6

Uncover the Hidden Secrets in Linda’s Loft


We’ve all heard the old saying, “If these walls could talk imagine what they might say.” Imagine the same could be true for items from our past. If an item could tell it’s own history what could one discover? Linda Borup, owner of Linda’s Loft, loves learning the history behind the pieces she stocks in her store.

The Hopeless Chest

The year is 1939. A young woman purchases a hope chest with a bright eye turned toward the future. She fills the chest with embroidered pillow cases, carefully pressed tablecloths, perhaps even some baby shoes. Then World War II breaks out. A generation of young men lost too soon. The young woman’s hopes dim. The years pass while the hope chest gathers dust in a corner. Finally as an old woman, who has never married, she gives the chest away. No longer is it a hope chest. As she gives the chest away, she calls it her “hopeless chest.”

The Old Stove

A European artisan did not just assemble a stove and send it to the market. He took the time to hand paint each individual tile. Carefully adding his personal touch, with each stroke of the brush, the artist made the stove a unique, one-of-a-kind piece.

The Aqua Blue Bedroom Set

The beautiful blue dresser is part of a set that came from Velma Morrison’s famed 12,000-square-foot mansion known as Camelot. Nestled right above Ann Morrison Park, the home has some of the best views of the entire Treasure Valley. Linda discovered that when Velma had this bedroom set in her home, she paired it with bubblegum pink bedding.

The Pineapple Lamp

A young couple purchases this pineapple lamp excited for the future they have in store. Linda tells the couple that this piece represents hospitality. They are thrilled to know that their purchase represents so much about what they are seeking for their home to symbolize.

Visit Linda’s Loft to discover more about the history behind these and many other items. Who knows, you might even be able to add to the items’ stories. If only these items could talk.