A New Approach 
to Healthcare 1

Introducing Alliance Concierge Care

Fascinated by an anatomy and physiology course in seventh grade, Andrea Axtell, M.D., decided she wanted to become a doctor. As an internist practicing in a traditional outpatient clinic, Axtell experienced first hand the inefficiencies and excessive costs of our healthcare system and decided to do something about it. She opened Alliance Concierge Care on State Street in Boise last July.

“My experience with the traditional healthcare system drove me to find a more patient-centered practice, which I found in direct primary care,” states Axtell. “Direct primary care (DPC) is a new concept for Idaho, and my biggest challenge is educating individuals on how DPC can work with insurance to save individuals time and money.”

A physician for eight years, Axtell is board certified in internal medicine and offers primary care services to patients 18 and older. She wants to restore the time honored patient-physician relationship, without the hassles or influences from insurance companies and health care systems. She provides an alternative to patients with personalized medical treatment plans.

“As members of Alliance, patients can still use their insurance to cover medications, tests and imaging,” Axtell points out. “It is recommended that patients have medical insurance to cover catastrophic events, such as hospitalizations.

“Alliance Concierge Care offers services to all individuals, with or without insurance,” explains Axtell. “Individuals may submit paperwork to their insurance companies for reimbursement. They may also cover some services under flexible spending and health savings accounts.”

“Greater availability to your physician has been shown to decrease visits to specialists, urgent care centers, and the emergency room, thereby decreasing overall healthcare costs,” notes Axtell.

When was the last time you had a house call from a doctor?  If you need it, it’s available, whether you are a member or a pay-as-you-go patient. What about un-rushed visits with your doctor?

I typically spend an hour with my patients, while the average visit time is less than eight minutes,” Axtell says. “I am able to spend more time with my patients because I do not follow the fee-for-service payment plans offered by insurance companies. under the fee-for-service model, doctors are paid based on the number of patients they see in one day—the more patients they see, the more they get paid. Since insurance companies are lowering reimbursements to physicians, the response is to increase the number of visits per day to maintain profits. Another reason I can spend more time with patients is that I am limiting the number of petients that I take care of. This allows for greater access, including same day appointments.”

Membership for ages 18-64 is $49/month or $59 a month for those 65 and older. Axtell provides health care to her patients with the emphasis on care. Patients are guaranteed same day appointments for urgent issues and 24/7 access to their doctor’s cell phone.

“Ideal patients are those individuals who are interested in establishing a meaningful, long-term relationship with their physician,” shares Axtell. Alliance does not bill insurance—patients pay their doctor directly in exchange for services. This decreases overhead costs and translates into savings for patients.