Become the MacGyver of Self-Esteem

Self-Esteem Tools Help Balance Confidence

Self esteem is a powerful tool that can influence the world around us, creating the life we desire. We should properly nurture and cultivate it. We use our self esteem as a framework to create boundaries and to set a certain standard in society. It is our foundation for inner peace, balance and growth. If self esteem is too high, we are considered arrogant and rude. With low self esteem, we lack confidence necessary to be taken seriously. Using my training as a life coach, I’ve assembled key tips to help you become the MacGyver of Self Esteem.

Get to Know Yourself

You can’t truly own who you are and rock your self esteem with confidence if you’re not really familiar with yourself. Take time by yourself to meditate discovering who you truly are. Think about and investigate your strengths, weaknesses, goals and values. Once you understand your values and goals, work to align your life and actions with your true desires, and you will quickly develop a strong sense of acknowledgement bringing confidence.

Strive for Optimism

We want to be realistic in life and think of possible bad outcomes, but not all the time. You don’t want to spend your life worrying about what if’s. That time can be much better spent on positive activities. Instead of thinking about the billion things that could go wrong, focus that energy on how you can put your best foot forward creating a positive outcome. You will become more confident and less likely to fail.

Learn to Filter

You will hear criticism from every angle, no matter what you’re doing. Your mom, your neighbor, random folks on Facebook and even your mailman are all likely to have opinions. You are responsible for filtering those opinions to make sure you’re using the useful information and disregarding the rest. Don’t take criticism personally, and make sure you keep doing things that align with your goals and desires and you’ll be able to take their comments in stride.

Believe in Yourself

You have a purpose. You have a particular strength and talent that you were meant to share with others. Don’t feel like your talent is less-than because someone else is doing something similar. They aren’t doing the exact thing you are. You bring something special to the table. You should feel good about your talents and purpose and what you have to offer.

Do Things Wholeheartedly

After evaluating your goals and desires, set your mind to something and do it with your whole heart. Don’t quit when it gets tough because of competition or criticism. Just put in your best work. Once you’ve done that, it’s out of your hands. You’ve officially done all you can, and even if it doesn’t work the way you wanted, you know that you gave it everything you had.

Express Yourself Fearlessly

When you have a strong opinion about something, speak up. Even when you’re nervous about what people will think, the simple act of expressing your opinions will raise your self esteem. It will get easier every time that you do it. You should also express yourself through your actions. Don’t just talk the talk, walk the walk. This will earn you the respect of others, which will help you to respect yourself.

Overall, you’re the only person living your life. No one is going to do it for you. With some discipline, a pinch of self-discovery, some focused action and a sense of purpose, you’ll be well on your way to becoming the MacGyver of Self Esteem!

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